Legend has it that if you chant "Bloody Mary" three times while looking into a mirror, you'll see a ghost. But wouldn't it be so much better if you got a cocktail instead? So this year, forget the spooky and go for something spicy with this DIY bloody mary drink costume. Yes, if you follow this bloody mary drink costume tutorial, you too can show up on Halloween decked out like your favorite brunch drink. Bonus points if you bring bloody mary mix to the party so that everyone can join in on the boozy brunch beverages.Now, this Halloween costume requires a bit of advance planning since a few of the components have to be painted. You'll want to leave yourself at least 12 hours to let these dry properly so you avoid getting paint on everyone. But all of these supplies should be readily available at your local craft store, and once you get the materials, the assembly is fairly straightforward. All you need are scissors and a hot glue gun to make it work.When you think about it, a bloody mary is kind of the perfect Halloween cocktail, especially since the only scary thing about it is the possibility of a nasty hangover on November 1. So if you're ready to make a DIY bloody mary costume, here's what you'll need.DIY Bloody Mary Costume

Maxine Builder
Maxine Builder
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Instructions Checklist
  • To make the olives, take the two green styrofoam balls and stick them onto the wooden dowel. Once they're placed on the stick, draw an off-center red dot on each green styrofoam ball with the red puff paint. Let the paint dry overnight.

  • Lay out the green t-shirt on a flat surface. Draw vertical lines from the top of the shirt to the bottom in green puff paint, spacing them about half an inch apart. It's OK if the lines aren't perfectly straight, because celery stalks aren't perfectly straight either. Let the paint dry overnight.

  • Roll out the red fabric on the floor. (Trust me, you'll need the space.) Loosely measure out how much fabric you'll need to surround the wreath frame by rolling the frame on the fabric and marking with a pen. Cut the fabric at that point. Fold the edge of the fabric over the frame, and secure the edge of the fabric with a dollop of hot glue. Be sure not to burn your fingers. Once cool, trim off any extra fabric.

  • Once the wreath frame is wrapped in red fabric, take two pieces of yarn and tie them to the wreath frame to make shoulder straps. You'll probably need someone to hold the wreath frame while you tie the yarn.

  • When you're ready to hit the town in your bloody mary costume, put on the green t-shirt then the red drink itself. If your hair is long enough, tie your hair in a ponytail and stick the fake leaves into your ponytail; alternatively, you can use bobby pins to clip the leaves in place. If you don't have hair that's long enough to support the leaves, you can stick them to a headband with hot glue.

  • Grab your stick of olives, and walk out the door. Hot sauce is optional, though comes highly recommended.