6 servings (serving size: 1 cup tempeh, 1 teaspoon coconut, and 1 teaspoon cilantro)

Probably the most well-known Malaysian dish, rendang is a curried stew that cooks down, concentrating the sauce's flavors. The pan should be nearly dry at the end of cooking; this distinguishes a rendang dish from a saucy curry. Serve with rice and steamed carrots.

How to Make It

Step 1

Seed 5 chiles; leave seeds in 1 chile. Thinly slice chiles.

Step 2

Heat a large nonstick skillet over medium heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Add chiles, shallots, and next 4 ingredients (through turmeric) to pan; cook 5 minutes or until fragrant, stirring frequently. Add coconut milk, 1/2 cup water, coconut, salt, lime leaves, and tempeh to pan. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer for 20 minutes or until sauce thickens. Discard lime leaves. Sprinkle with remaining coconut and cilantro.

Ratings & Reviews

pattk1220's Review

December 27, 2013
A critical step when using tempeh was left out of this recipe. Tempeh needs to be steamed for 15 - 20 minutes and allowed to return to room temperature before using. That gets rid of the bitterness as well as hydrating it a bit. That's the reason I didn't give this a higher rating. When the tempeh is steamed, this becomes a lovely dish. If you're lucky enough to live in an area where you can buy fresh tempeh, there is no need to steam it. Most of us in the USA have to rely on refrigerated or frozen packaged tempeh.