Buttery and flaky, these canapés are like little tarts, but much easier to make. Follow our topping suggestions—or try your own: sautéed mushrooms and stilton cheese, caramelized onions and anchovies ... let your imagination be your guide. Prep and Cook Time: about 45 minutes, plus 1 1/2 hours of chilling and cooling time. Notes: This dough is the ultimate kitchen workhorse. It's fast to make and will keep in the freezer for up to a week (let thaw 1/2 hour before rolling) or in the fridge for 3 days. You can also bake the dough a day ahead and top it just before serving. This recipe can easily be doubled, but if you want to triple or quadruple it, make 2 separate batches of dough.

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Credit: Annabelle Breakey; Karen Shinto

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Makes 25 servings


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  • Cut butter into 1/2-in. cubes and freeze in a single layer until very cold, 10 to 20 minutes. In a food processor, whirl flour and salt until blended. Add butter and pulse on and off just until butter is about the size of peas. In a small bowl, lightly beat egg and yolk with 3 tbsp. ice water. Add egg mixture, about half at a time, and pulse just until evenly moistened and holding together (you may need to add 1 more tbsp. ice water as you're pulsing).

  • Flatten the dough into 2 rough squares, each about 6 in. across. Wrap disks in wax paper. Chill until cold, at least 1 hour and up to 3 days.

  • Preheat oven to 350°. Remove dough from refrigerator and let stand 5 minutes. Unwrap and, on a lightly floured surface, roll dough halves into 1/8-in.-thick squares, 10 to 11 in. each.

  • Transfer each square to a rimmed baking sheet and prick all over with a fork. Bake until medium brown, 25 to 35 minutes. Cool on pan, about 30 minutes. Thinly spread baked canapé dough with tapenade. Top with goat cheese, pressing it slightly into the tapenade so it sticks, and sprinkle with 1 tbsp. fresh thyme leaves. Cut into 2-in. squares.

  • Note: Nutritional analysis is per 2-piece serving.

Nutrition Facts

148 calories; calories from fat 67%; protein 2.9g; fat 11g; carbohydrates 9.7g; fiber 0.3g; sodium 311mg; cholesterol 36mg.