3/4 cup (serving size: 1/4 cup)

Serve this down-home version of tomatillo salsa with tortilla chips.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat broiler.

Step 2

Cut the bell pepper in half lengthwise, discarding seeds and membranes. Place the pepper halves, skin sides up, on a foil-lined baking sheet; flatten with hand. Broil for 10 minutes or until blackened. Place in a zip-top plastic bag; seal. Let stand 10 minutes. Peel and finely chop.

Step 3

Place the chopped green tomato, vinegar, sugar, and salt in a blender or food processor, and process until smooth.

Step 4

Place the tomato mixture in a small saucepan; cook over medium-high heat 5 minutes or until liquid almost evaporates. Place in a small bowl; cool to room temperature. Add roasted pepper, onion, and garlic to tomato mixture; toss well.

Ratings & Reviews

rstarrlemaitre's Review

June 07, 2013
Simmer for at least 15 minutes - 5 is no where near enough. Nice sweet and sour flavors - a bit like sweet pickle reilsh - but I would use half as much bell pepper and onion. Use a sturdy tortilla chip.