Gentl & Hyers; Styling: Kendra Smoot
Total Time
19 Mins
4 servings (serving size: 1 cup)

Simplicity has never looked so beautiful. A stunning combination of skin-on peaches and heirloom tomatoes of various colors, sizes, and shapes creates a sweet-savory salad that pairs well with grilled pork.

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine first 4 ingredients in a large bowl.

Step 2

Combine vinegar, olive oil, honey, salt, and pepper in a small bowl, stirring with a whisk. Drizzle vinegar mixture over peach mixture; toss well to coat. Sprinkle with cheese and basil.

Ratings & Reviews

ESmith6's Review

August 21, 2011
I made this for the salad course for a dinner party and it was my favorite part of the meal. I didn't have sherry vinegar so I used a combination of white wine vinegar and balsamic. I also used a combination of white and yellow-fleshed peaches. Unique and fresh flavor with summer tomatoes, peaches and basil.

jmeleeS's Review

July 29, 2011
I really wanted to like this dish as I love all the separate ingredients, but I just couldn't get over how sweet it was with the peaches and the honey dressing. I guess I was looking for something a little more savory. I had a serving when I first made it and intended to eat it for leftovers the next night and just couldn't get excited about it - in fact I didn't want to eat it at all so unfortunately it went to waste. I think there are much tastier side salad dishes available from C.L. so I won't be making this particular one again.

leaavon's Review

July 23, 2014

CherylMD's Review

August 23, 2011
This would get six stars if I could. I spent all of dinner smiling. And even my kids liked it. The key here is to follow the recipe exactly. There are not many ingredients, but you need the right proportions of tomatoes, basil, red onion. The dressing was not at all too sweet (I wonder if other reviewers misread teaspoon for tablespoon, because it is only 1 teaspoon of honey in the dressing). I did improvise on the heirloom tomatoes, I had two kinds of full-sized tomatoes and no cherry/pear tomatoes, but that didn't matter. Yum, yum, yum. Perfect for summer when the fruit and tomatoes are ripe and fantastic. I actually paired this with a simple summer omlette for dinner, so don't worry about finding a pork roast or anything.

dpkp03's Review

August 08, 2013
Excellent, light salad using the items I keep on hand. Used one peach and one nectarine. Did not have heirloom tomatoes, so I used our local, seasonal tomatoes. Also, used red wine vinegar in place of sherry vinegar. This great summer salad would go with just about anything coming off the grill.

Debbi02's Review

May 31, 2010
My daughter prepared this for a Memorial Day dinner....wonderful! All of the guests raved about the flavors and wanted the recipe. What a wonderful summer salad!

AndriaE's Review

July 07, 2010
This is an awesome recipe that I have been enjoying on vacation. I lowered the calories and fat grams by modifying the recipe and skipping the use of olive oil and honey, instead using Walden Farms fat free, sugar free, calorie free Maple Syrup. I also skipped the feta cheese. To get that smoky flavor you can add mushrooms with are lower in calories and fat. I like to serve this salad over mixed greens. Add shrimp or a lean grilled/broiled/steamed fillet of fish and you have a yummy meal!

LaurenCz's Review

June 18, 2010
This is a delicious salad that is perfect for a hot summer day. I made it with some chicken in the crockpot for an easy summer Friday meal. I didn't have sherry vinegar on hand so I substituted apple cider vinegar and it was great. Definitely splurge on some tasty heirloom tomatoes, but I did use some vine-ripened as well. I could definitely see myself making this for a summer party or picnic.

JeriTex's Review

June 29, 2010
Elegant, easy recipe that looks as great as it tastes. Perfect for guests or family gatherings. Definitely a keeper!

Chels77's Review

July 14, 2011
This turned out so well! I had to substitute a couple ingredients (such as the basil for fresh parsley) since I didn't have them on hand, but even so it was amazing. I can't wait to try it again with the basil!