Photo: Lucas Allen
Makes 3 dozen medium-size cookies

There is nothing better than the buttery taste of a golden sugar cookie. Sure you can decorate them, but why mess with perfection?

How to Make It

Heat oven to 350° F.

Beat the butter and sugar in the bowl of an electric mixer on medium-high until smooth. Add the egg and beat until fluffy, about 2 minutes. Add the vanilla. Reduce mixer speed to low.

Combine the flour, baking soda, and salt in a bowl and add it slowly to the butter mixture, mixing until just incorporated (the dough will be stiff). Shape into a flat 1-inch-thick disk. Refrigerate, wrapped, for 30 minutes.

Roll out the dough on a floured surface to 1/4 inch thick. Cut into shapes and place on parchment-lined baking sheets. The scraps can be combined and rolled out again. Bake 10 to 12 minutes, until the edges are a light golden brown. Cool slightly on the baking sheets before transferring to cooling racks.

Ratings & Reviews

kati2323's Review

April 25, 2013
These got dry after a few minutes, but soften them up with milk, then you have yourself a delicious cookie. It wasn't too sweet, but not bland as another reviewer previously said. I might also make these for my daughter's birthday class treat.

sletkeman's Review

December 22, 2012
The perfect sugar cookie!

kusurfer's Review

December 07, 2012
I loved them. I don't understand why people use round cutouts. I roll the dough into a rectangle shape and then cut into squares with the pizza cutter. No working with left over dough. Also do this with biscuits.

laineysmith09's Review

November 21, 2012

MrsPugh's Review

December 19, 2011
Very simple to make, everyone loved them! The recipe made one and half cookie sheets of cut out cookies, approx. 18 cookies, which were all gone by the end of the day!

georgia59's Review

December 12, 2011
This was the best Sugar cookie recipe I've made and have tried many recipes, this one is PERFECT, add some almond extract as a reviewer had writen, also used this recipe to make my mince pies, using a mini muffin pan, and there were OMG""" out of this world

kisstina's Review

December 10, 2011
Love these cookies! They remind me of the cookies my mom & I used to make when I was little. I actually used a cookie press to make different Christmas cookie designs. I sprinkled them with red and green sprinkles...just like I did when I was little. FANTASTIC!

ISpyPie's Review

December 06, 2010
This recipe is ideal for decorated cookies. It holds its' shape at various thicknesses (1/8"-5/8" I didn't try any thicker). The sweetness is just right for pairing with the decorative icings. The dough keeps well too. Any unused dough can be frozen before or after rolling for later use.

lynnruiz's Review

January 27, 2010
this is a favorite!! roll them in some sugar and cinnamon before baking and they are perfect!!!

LPaladino's Review

January 06, 2010
These cookies were some of the most delicious sugar cookies that I have had. This will definitely be my go to recipe for rolled/shaped cookies.