Photo: Joshua Paul; Styling: Alicia Warner
Prep Time
30 Mins
Bake Time
45 Mins
Makes about 10 servings

The orange zest and juice brighten the flavor of the strawberries and rhubarb in this simple, summertime crisp. Top with your favorite granola.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 350°. Combine first 6 ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Pour into a lightly greased 13- x 9-inch baking dish.

Step 2

Combine flour and next 5 ingredients with hands until crumbly. Add egg, and combine. Place on top of fruit mixture. Bake for 45 minutes or until bubbly.

Milk & Honey, Chicago, Illinois

Ratings & Reviews

ifriday's Review

June 12, 2011
I love this recipe. I made it for a bbq gathering and it turned out perfectly. Served it with vanilla bean and impressed the heck out of my husband! Am making it again as the kids love it! I thought the rhubarb would be hard and sour, but it was not tart at all. I let the rhubarb sit in the sugar for a couple of hours as I was preparing the other dishes. It's a nice quick recipe with great results.

BritzB87's Review

May 11, 2011
This crisp is excellent and super easy! I think the ratio of rhubarb to strawberries to sugar is just right, and the granola I used added just a little more sweetness (a vanilla pre-made granola from Whole Foods). I used orange juice instead of liqueur which added a really wonderful layer of flavor. Like other reviewers, I served it with vanilla ice cream.

Nana44's Review

May 02, 2011
I will definitely try this as I can tell it will be good. For those that dislike the edge rhubarb can have, try this tip. Pour boiling water over the chopped rhubarb and steep for a couple of minutes. Drain well and proceed with the recipe.

vpritchard's Review

August 05, 2010
luv'd this crisp...althought I added only 1 cup of strawberries and had to substitute 3 cups of saskatoons(service berries)but I got rave reviews from everyone who tried it. I would have to say it is one of the best crisp recipes I have encountered over the years.

TreenL's Review

June 23, 2009
This truly is outstanding - wow! I also served it warm with light vanilla bean ice cream. Sooo good. My cousin has since made it and agrees it is yummy.

sehgrose's Review

May 07, 2009
Incredible! I made this for my father b/c he loves rhubarb! I am not a huge fan of rhubarb myself, but I was surprised how this recipe hides the bitterness that rhubarb typically has. I would not alter the recipe, but a nice scoop of vanilla bean ice cream is a nice addition! I will definitely make this recipe again!

gailmcc's Review

March 14, 2009
I will make this again. It was delightful. We ate it with a vegetarian dinner. My husband prefers it to cake, and asked for it for his birthday instead of cake.

AnitaR's Review

March 10, 2009
I used this recipe as one of three dessert choices for a large dinner. I had assembled all the ingredients before hand and was able to quickly put it together shortly before my guests arrived. I used end-of-the-season rhubarb and it was just fantastic! I served it just slightly warm with ice cream. Several guests gave it rave reviews. I put this in the oven just before my guests arrived so it tasted very freshly made and still warm. I will definitely use recipe again. It is special enough to serve to guests at a nice dinner party as well as suitable for a casual family meal.