Prep Time
10 Mins
Cook Time
30 Mins
4 Servings

How to Make It

Step 1

Mix mozzarella, Parmesan, garlic powder, 1/4 tsp. pepper and a pinch of nutmeg. In a separate bowl, whisk ricotta with egg and spinach until blended and smooth. Season with salt and pepper.

Step 2

Spread 1/3 of sauce over bottom of a large, heavy skillet. Arrange 2 pasta sheets on top. Spread half of spinach mixture over pasta, then scatter 1/3 of mozzarella mixture on top. Top with 2 more pasta sheets, then spread with 1/3 of sauce. Sprinkle with 1/3 of mozzarella mixture. Place another 2 sheets on top and pour over remaining sauce. Break remaining sheets of pasta into large pieces and use them to fill in around edges of skillet.

Step 3

Dollop remaining spinach mixture over top, and sprinkle on remaining mozzarella mixture. Transfer skillet to stovetop and cook, covered, over medium-low heat until top is firm, 20 minutes. Remove from heat and set aside, covered, for 5 to 10 minutes before serving.

Ratings & Reviews

mrsnobody's Review

April 29, 2011
This recipe was quite good. The only things I did differently was add some herbs to the ricotta mixture and cook it five extra minutes (my noodles needed it. I guess it may vary by brand?). It came out very good.

MelissaH30's Review

March 17, 2011
My kids loved this recipe. It was inexpensive and easy to make. I cut some calories by using lowfat cheeses. I will be making this one again.

christinac24's Review

January 24, 2011
Made this recipe and it was GREAT! My family LOVED it, even the little ones!! I did make some changes...I did not use nutmeg, bc i didnt have any. Instead of garlic powder i used minched garlic, I was out of eggs too! :/ but it came out fine without one haha. I used only HALF of the bag of frozen spinach b/c i added gr meat. and I used can tomato sauce and added italian spices instead of a jarred sauce. DELICIOUS!

Azriel53's Review

January 20, 2011
Though good, it has room for improvement. For higher fiber content and flavor I use home made whole wheat pasta in the raw. Also I use fresh, not frozen spinach, much better texture and flavor. Fresh basil also boosts flavor as well as giving it that good feeling that basil gives. And whole milk cheeses,please!?!?! This skim business or low fat takes away from the flavor. Julia Childs was right! If you want the flavor you have to use the fat! Go out and exersise off teh extra calories!!

dena9472's Review

June 26, 2010
Great recipe - super easy to prepare. I used fat free cottage cheese instead of ricotta, otherwise followed the recipe exactly. My boyfriend loved it, too. Will definitely make again!