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4 servings (serving size: 1 burger)

A poblano chile is the perfect mix of fruity flavor with a little bit of heat. Leave the seeds in your poblano if you want more fiery flavor.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat broiler.

Step 2

Place poblano chiles on a foil-lined baking sheet, and broil for 8 minutes or until blackened, turning after 6 minutes. Place in a zip-top plastic bag; seal. Let stand 15 minutes. Peel chiles, and discard the seeds and membranes. Finely chop.

Step 3

Combine milk and bread in a large bowl; mash bread mixture with a fork until smooth. Add poblano chile, 1 1/2 tablespoons cilantro, cumin, coriander, paprika, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, and beef to milk mixture, tossing gently to combine. Divide mixture into 4 equal portions, gently shaping each into a 1/2-inch-thick patty. Press a nickel-sized indentation in the center of each patty. Cover and chill until ready to grill.

Step 4

Preheat grill to medium-high heat.

Step 5

Combine the remaining 1 1/2 tablespoons cilantro, remaining 1/4 teaspoon salt, and remaining 1/4 teaspoon black pepper in a medium bowl. Stir in sour cream, shallots, and juice. Remove 1 chipotle pepper and 2 teaspoons adobo sauce from can; reserve remaining chipotle peppers and adobo sauce for another use. Chop chile. Stir chopped chipotle and 2 teaspoons adobo sauce into sour cream mixture. Set aside.

Step 6

Place patties on a grill rack coated with cooking spray; grill 3 minutes or until grill marks appear. Carefully turn patties; grill an additional 3 minutes or until desired degree of doneness. Place 1 patty on bottom half of each bun; top each serving with 3 tablespoons chipotle cream and 1 tablespoon Pickled Red Onions.

Ratings & Reviews

JenniferB08's Review

July 11, 2010
Truly outstanding! We used panko breadcrumbs and a bit of water instead of the bread and milk just beause we were out of milk at the moment and it worked great. We served with a salad and black beans cooked with chipotle chili and wilted spinach (Rick Bayless recipie). This will be the centerpiece of our next cookout!

rockgoddess929's Review

May 06, 2011
I have made these burgers twice now, and I feel that they are better than any other burger I have made before. I think the burgers stand out even without the chipotle cream, but to anyone thinking about making these, do it as written, because they really are fantastic.

MNR109's Review

September 08, 2010
Delish! Made a side of cole slaw which was nice and refreshing with the spicy burgers. This is a great burger for company!

MBranstetter's Review

July 02, 2010
These burgers were the best we've ever tried. They were restaurant quality. I was amazed at the size of each burger - very filling for 325 calories. The chipotle sauce was amazing. Even my 9-year-old son loved them. They aren't too spicy - they have a nice little kick to them though. Excellent!

DavesMeow's Review

June 26, 2010
I ended up making a slightly less light version of this, but mine turned out very, very tasty regardless. I used lean ground beef instead of sirloin and omitted the milk & bread. I also did not have sour cream so I used olive oil mayo, plus part of a small yellow onion instead of a shallot. I personally thought it was still awesome, so much flavor! We added american cheese (though I wish I'd had pepperjack) and used an onion roll. I LOVE the pickled red onions!!! I should have made a bigger batch! I only had pickled jalapenos so I just used those, but it still added a great kick. My only complaint was, like all things that taste great, it took a long time to prepare everything. If you do it in advance of a party, this will be a hit :)

Pumpkina's Review

December 13, 2010
This recipe is a bit of hard work, but it turns out FABULOUS! We have made these burgers twice and I look forward to making them today for lunch. You won't regret taking the time to prepare these. I serve these with baked chopped yukon potatoes drizzled with olive oil.

jmeleeS's Review

November 29, 2011
We LOVE these burgers - I make them at least once a month and couldn't be more thrilled with the outcome each time. The more I make them, the easier / quicker it becomes to make so don't be daunted initially by the number of ingredients & steps to make burgers (these are worth it!) Definitely try this recipe the first time when you have extra time for prep. I usually use fat free milk, smoked paprika, more garlic & wheat bread, but otherwise make as instructed with no substitutions. I have tried with pickled red onions recipe and using just plain red onions and we think it is best with plain, so that also cuts down on time. Just don't omit the chipolte cream sauce, it really adds complexity and helps soothe the heat. I usually serve these burgers with sliced carrots & celery if in the summer or garlic fries (also a C.L. recipe) in the winter months. Either way, they are outstanding - Enjoy!

KellMichelle's Review

June 24, 2010
This recipe was AMAZING!! I would recommend it to anyone. I also topped the burgers with slices of Avocado which gave a great creamy texture and wonderful added flavor.

carolfitz's Review

September 19, 2010
This is terrific as written -- recommend you serve it once without tweaking, it really is great. We hollow-out our burger buns & rolls prior to toasting, so used some of those "centers" for the filler instead of sliced bread. Fantastic summer bbq.

stscott's Review

June 29, 2010
yummmmmm....what a burger! This recipe is a little time consuming, but I broke it up into small chunks through out the day. I prepared the pickled onions and roasted the peppers earlier in the day. It was well worth the effort. We absolutely loved the burgers and they were very moist and spicy. I prepared the recipe as is. My teenage son had a friend over who is a very picky eater and he gobbled 2 of these burgers down..but with cheddar cheese instead of the spicy sour cream topping. I loved the sour cream topping but I can see how it may be a bit spicy for some folks. These burgers are sophisticated enough to serve at any party. I served them with grilled corn on the cob for a wonderful Saturday night casual dinner. I will definately make these again.