4 servings (serving size: 3 lettuce wraps)

Use roasted chicken and rice noodles to fill these creative lettuce wraps for a no-cook weeknight meal. Serve with orange slices for a bright, refreshing dessert.

How to Make It

Step 1

Cover bean threads with boiling water. Let stand for 5 minutes or until softened. Drain, and rinse under cool water. Chop noodles.

Step 2

While bean threads soak, combine cilantro, soy sauce, chile paste, and oil in a large bowl, stirring with a whisk. Add noodles and chicken to soy sauce mixture; toss well to coat. Spoon about 1/3 cup chicken mixture down center of each lettuce leaf; roll up.

Ratings & Reviews

allieboo's Review

May 22, 2013

KimS65's Review

July 03, 2011
This dish had quite a kick to it, the chile paste is pretty hot, but good. I will probably make this again, but it's really messy to eat, so I doubt if I ever make it for company.

DownHomeGal's Review

October 05, 2010
My husband and I really enjoyed this recipe. The texture of the noodles was amazing. The sauce was spicy and savory. I sauted some ground chicken I had, instead of using the roasted chicken that the recipe called for. I would definitely make this again.

pooklee's Review

April 17, 2010
I do not measure ingredients so mine was a bit different probably... I used lo mein noodles instead of bean threads and romaine lettuce instead of boston. Very good and very easy recipe. Filling and a good mix of flavors. Would not change a thing and definitely making again.

SaThrnchik's Review

January 21, 2010
I love lettuce wraps and my husband who can be picky loves them also. I add water chestnuts and bamboo shoots chopped up and put some hoison sauce and sesame oil and then reduce the soy sauce. We make a dip of chili oil, little soy sauce and whatever else we feel like and then dip them instead of having the chili paste in the wraps that way the young ones (grandchildren) will eat it too. When I have time I stir fry the chicken with the carrots and the bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and even shitake mushrooms. Delish

nicoleevon's Review

January 20, 2010
I give this 4 stars based on some modifications... to all of the ingredients called for I add a couple of teaspoons of honey, a 1-inch chunk of fresh ginger finely chopped & half a seedless diced cucumber. Top the lettuce wraps with a few chopped peanuts or cashews. Very nice light lunch or dinner.

kateford's Review

November 09, 2009
I love these wraps, but they are alittle messy. They make a great light lunch. I omit the cilantro (I'm not a fan), but I really enjoy them. I was surprised to see so many negative reviews.

abbyandchris's Review

November 09, 2009
At our house this is a fav! Super fresh flavors and a lot of spice always go over well. We have made this so many times that we have made several changes based on what we had in the kitchen. We now always use Soba noodles and it really yummy!

ChefSaraLena's Review

February 01, 2009
An awful dish, i love cooking and i love to see people like my food, but, it is also important to lke it your self. everyone said " oh its pretty good" i thought..... it was digusting i couldnt even believe i cooked this crap and put it on a piece of lettuce. The recipe calls for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much noodles, and me i cook exact i follow to a T adding all the noodles and then tasting it. ALL i could taste were the noodles it was squishy bland and tasted like styrofoam. I cant even begin to tell you how bad it was. I honestly would have rather eaten my dogs vomit. I had to fight my self from throwing up the orange for garnish was better than the whole dish. absolutely apalling i would never make it again.