Serves 4

This broth packs a lot of flavor in just a little time. If you don't have the Sriracha on hand, thin slices of jalapeño pepper make a good substitute for this soup recipe.

How to Make It

Step 1

Bring first 9 ingredients to a simmer in a medium saucepan; keep warm.

Step 2

Bring 6 cups water to a boil in a large saucepan. Add rice noodles; cook 3 minutes. Drain. Place about 1/4 cup rice noodles in each of 4 bowls.

Step 3

Discard ginger. Add juice to broth mixture; stir. Ladle 1 1/3 cups broth mixture over each serving; top with 1 tablespoon each mint, cilantro, and green onions.

Ratings & Reviews

April 17, 2015
Different brands of noodles will have different absorption times. Try a different brand of rice-sticks.

Quick and easy

January 14, 2017
Followed the directions pretty much to the letter (except for carrots; DH hates cooked carrots), and tweaked it before serving by adding quite a bit more red curry paste.  Didn't have mint but didn't miss it.  We had enough for leftovers the next day and I added way more snow peas.  When I make this dish again, I will definitely double or triple the amount of peas.  Their crispness adds a wonderful texture.  It's a great soup for a cold night, not requiring much time or energy.  If you don't have rotisserie chicken, simply use a poached chicken breast.

sukeedog's Review

November 08, 2014
The broth is fantastic, but the dish overall is a little bland - the chicken, noodles and veggies just didn't seem to absorb the wonderful flavors in the broth. Word to the wise if you plan on having leftovers - the rice noodles soak up a lot of broth and get really swollen over time.

asyl076's Review

November 07, 2014
Delicious and easy to make. Based on other reviews, I cut the amount of Sriracha in half, but will probably add the full amount next time. Added sliced mushrooms and made with pad thai sized rice flour noodles as my store didn't have the wider ones.

mjane92's Review

September 27, 2013
This recipe was great! Next time we'll add more veggies to it, but it's tasty and very versatile.

bta441's Review

September 12, 2013
Absolutely perfect. I added some shitake mushrooms and one extra cup of chicken broth to make it a little heartier (and so I could have some leftovers, of course). EXACTLY what I was looking for: Comforting, filling, and spicy. Saving this one.

noelle71's Review

April 20, 2013

Rachel12345's Review

December 16, 2012
Nice! I made just a few changes. Used raw chicken instead of cooked. Fried the curry paste first and then added the stock to that. Added mushrooms. Used fish sauce instead of soy sauce. But it was an excellent recipe, that I'll be making often!

happylady1's Review

November 12, 2012
This was the most delicious soup ever! If you take it easy on the noodles, it's enough to satisfy you without making you fat! All the flavor makes it downright therapeutic. I'm extremely impressed. It will be a regular.

JulieGR's Review

September 29, 2012
The only change I made was I roasted the chicken with a little olive oil, salt and pepper instead of using rotisserie chicken. Was so good and the heat was perfect! Will keep this in rotation this winter!