Photo: Becky Luigart-Stayner
8 servings (serving size: 1 gratin)

These individual casseroles are like little lasagnas with spaghetti squash replacing the traditional lasagna noodles.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 400°.

Step 2

Pierce squash with a fork. Place squash on a baking sheet; bake at 400° for 1 hour or until tender. Cool. Cut squash in half lengthwise; discard seeds. Scrape inside of squash with a fork to remove spaghetti-like strands to measure 4 cups.

Step 3

Heat olive oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add garlic; cook 2 minutes, stirring frequently. Add 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, crushed red pepper, tomatoes, oregano, and thyme sprigs; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and simmer for 20 minutes or until thickened, stirring occasionally. Discard oregano and thyme sprigs.

Step 4

Combine remaining 1/2 teaspoon salt, remaining 1/4 teaspoon black pepper, Parmesan, and remaining ingredients. Spoon 1/2 cup squash into each of 8 (8-ounce) ramekins. Spoon tomato sauce evenly over squash; divide ricotta mixture evenly among ramekins, spreading to cover. Bake at 400° for 50 minutes or until lightly browned.

Ratings & Reviews

Very Good

July 31, 2015
I cut my squash in half as others mentioned, takes a lot less time. Also use store bought Marinara and fresh herbs to the ricotta. Wonderful no pasta dish.

Extra seasoning required

March 22, 2015
I can't imagine baking a spaghetti squash whole, lol. I cut mine in half, scoop out the seeds, brush with olive oil and season with kosher salt and pepper. Bake cut side down for about 30 mins at 400° or until easily pierced with a fork. When it was a done I used a fork to pull the cooked squash out and placed in a colander like other reviewers suggested. I seasoned a bit more with salt and pepper as it still tasted bland. For the sauce I used a jar of Trader Joe's organic tomato basil marinara plus another can of crushed tomatoes, a 15 oz can which made PLENTY sauce for the recipe. I added pepper flakes and the fresh herbs too -- I feel like it needed the extra flavor. I mixed the Parmesan with the ricotta, I wasn't sure if that's what the recipe called for but once again, this helped boost the flavors. I finsihed with a sprinkle more of Parmesan and fresh parsley. I had some italian turkey sausage that I needed to get rid of so I browned that and added it to half of the casserole dish (didn't use ramekins either) for anybody that felt they needed more protein, I didn't think it needed it, but some people loved it. Overall a decent recipe that needed a but of tweaking.

Ticizz's Review

July 25, 2014

EllenDeller's Review

December 28, 2013
This is a fine recipe. It's not especially time-consuming if you do it in stages. I really don't change a thing except to use one pan and cut the recipe in half for our small family. I do fluff up the ricotta with a whisk and blend in a bit of white wine and Italian herbs to ramp the flavor up and make it more spreadable. Leftovers are fine heated up for lunch, too. Served with steamed green beans and crusty rolls.

foodieforpeace's Review

November 26, 2013
I'm in love. This was my first foray into spaghetti squash land, it being a gift from my friend LouAnn. If this is the only recipe I use for the squash, I will be a happy foodie. Used 26 oz. Newman's Own marinara, chopped cooked chicken sausage (leftover) and topped it with some shredded mozzarella.

eppercival's Review

November 03, 2013
I thought this was good, but am not sure it warrants the time and effort. My husband did not care for it at all. If I were to make it again, I would speed up the process by using premade sauce. I cooked the squash in the microwave, but all the steps made it a time consuming recipe.

gwenyclip's Review

March 05, 2013

SuzanneM's Review

October 24, 2012
This was totally scrumptious! I have stayed away from spaghetti squash for its lack of mouth feel and taste, but this absolutely changed my mind. I followed the recipe as written, except that I cooked the squash in the microwave (15 min vs. 60!) and drained it as a reviewer suggested. I also increased the red pepper flakes a bit. The fresh herbs added great flavor to the cheese mixture. The photo using ramekins is lovely, and I would love to have some to serve the dish this way, rather than in a casserole dish. This dish is so healthy, tasty and manageable to prepare, I will definitely make it again.

tara31's Review

April 22, 2012

SusanCinNC's Review

January 19, 2012
I really loved this recipe, but I used it more as an idea than following it exactly. The changes I made were to let the spaghetti squash sit in a collander after baking it to drain the excess liquid, then I mixed it with sauce before baking rather than layering them so the squash would have better flavor. I also didn't make the sauce from scratch, but used a 26 oz jar of lowfat marinara sauce. I also added a mixture of sauteed ground chicken sausage and 97% FF turkey breast which I mixed into the sauce. I made the riccotta cheese layer as instructed in the recipe, and I then baked it in a 9x9 dish as described by a few of the other reviewers. It was delicious!