Store-bought sugar donuts become impressive holiday snowmen when decorated with chocolate candy pieces, pretzels, chocolate chips, and orange gummy candies. 

Recipe by MyRecipes November 2015


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Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Use a serrated knife to cut off the outside of the pretzels to get the shape of the snowman arm.

  • Cut the orange slice candies in 23 small triangles. These will be the snowmen noses.

  • Slide the sugar donuts on to your lollipop stick. Then take some melted white candy melts and place at the bottom of the snowman. When the candy melts are set, it will ensure that the snowmen don't slide down the stick.

  • Once the snowmen are secure, insert two pretzels to the side of the lower donut.

  • Use the cookie icing to attach his nose, two chocolate chips for his eyes, three miniature chocolate chips for his smile and three M&Ms for his buttons. Place two dots of the icing on his eyes to give them a little sparkle.