4 servings

Invite company over for this gourmet-inspired dish that's a snap to make. Serve with salad greens splashed with vinaigrette.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat broiler.

Step 2

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add shrimp to pan; sauté 3 minutes or until done, stirring frequently. Remove from heat; stir in wine, chives, juice, and paprika, tossing to coat. Keep warm.

Step 3

Place polenta slices on a baking sheet coated with cooking spray. Top each slice with 1 teaspoon sauce and 1 teaspoon cheese; broil 3 minutes or until cheese melts. Place 2 polenta slices on each of 4 plates; top each serving evenly with shrimp mixture. Sprinkle with parsley.

Ratings & Reviews

Akasha-'s Review

October 13, 2009
Oh! I forgot to mention...I also increased the white wine to make the sauce all the better...It was just soooo good. And then sprinkled with fresh chives and parsley...what a looker! Again, worthy of a company meal indeed.

Akasha's Review

October 13, 2009
Reading the prior reviews, I omitted the marinara sauce altogether...and it was fantastic! I used smoky sweet pepper seasoning blend by McCormick, added some cayenne and chili spice and more olive oil to increase the sauce. I fried the polenta cakes until browned and then broiled them with parmesan until darkened. I served the mesclin mix on the side with white balsamic and olive oil with pepper vinaigrette. The meal was great, worthy of a last minute company meal.

Really Very Good

November 20, 2016
I made this tonight (adjusting along the way.) I will make it again, but a little differently. First, I would fry the polenta to crisp it up, put in a shallow baking dish, cover with marinara and then the Parmesan, and then put under the broiler. It definitely needed more than what this recipe calls for. I also added a little extra wine and lots of the smoked paprika to coat. My polenta was garlic/basil to begin with, which was extra flavor and I used fresh basil instead of chives. Really loved the flavors and yes, the presentation is nice.

Never again.

December 24, 2015
As others have said this is just weird. The two do not go together and the techniques and seasoning are all off. I used salt and pepper and I found it still very bland.  Its a glorified shrimp cocktail with polenta. Won't be making this one again. I'm bummed too, I was looking forward to it! 

wonderwab's Review

February 13, 2014
I really liked this whole recipe, my husband thought the polenta was 'weird'. We both agreed this same recipe changed to be over some pasta, with a little more marinara, would be a home-run

Gaylee's Review

December 22, 2013
This is delicious! You don't need to use a pre-made tube of polenta. Make home made polenta in a saucepan and serve the shrimp on the side. It's also OK to use frozen shrimp in the shell. A little messy to eat but definitely good. I didn't have any marinara so I just put a tiny dollop of tomato paste on the polenta. Had to substitute green onion for the chive. I didn't bother stacking and broiling. Also ran out of parm cheese which went into the polenta and everything was still good.

iamjenny's Review

December 20, 2013
This recipe was delicious, will definitely make it again.

empressverona's Review

April 15, 2012
Very easy to make and definitely will do again. Think it is versatile enough to replace the shrimp with something else; chicken or sausage or even eggplant or some other vegetable for non-meat eaters. I also think it would be easy to modify to make smaller cakes and serve as an elegant appetizer at a get together.

JohannaSpletz's Review

January 27, 2010
This recipe did not work for me. The flavors did not seem to combine. I made my Polenta ahead and let it firm up, then cut it into slices. Perhaps I cut it too thick, because the Polenta did not get warmed through when it was broiled...cold. Perhaps my white wine was not dry enough or the paprika not smoky enough. It was a disapointment to me and my husband and will not try it again.

haileej88's Review

June 22, 2009
I found the combination of the two flavors conflicting. The polenta with marinara sauce seemed like it would have been paired better with a chicken and side salad. The shrimp would have been good over a bed of steamed wild rice but the two of them together seemed odd to me. Like another person said there was a lot of leftover sauce at the end which made the shrimp soupy. Perhaps adding a small amount of cornstarch would thicken it up and make it perfect over rice. I also found the polenta to be bland (and we even picked the parmesan/garlic). My husband and I looked at each other at the end of the meal and shrugged like "well, now whats for dinner?"