Makes 8 servings

These tasty wraps are easy to pack in lunchboxes or for picnics. Feel free to customize the sandwiches with your favorite ingredients.

How to Make It

Step 1

Spread softened cheese evenly over whole grain pita wraps; top cheese evenly with Caramelized Onions and remaining ingredients. Roll up, and wrap in parchment paper; chill. Cut in half to serve.

Step 2

* For testing purposes only, we used Alouette Garlic et Herbes Gourmet Spreadable Cheese for garlic-herb-flavored cheese.

Ratings & Reviews

Very yummy!

August 11, 2015
I've made these a couple of times for a gathering.  My friend begs me to make these!  These cannot be made more than several hours before you are ready to eat or the arugula gets too wilted.  I have never used as much of the garlic and herb cheese as the recipe calls for.  I think you could easily get by with 1 container.  I also think that 1-1/2 lbs. turkey is too much.  I'd say just over a lb. would be plenty.  When I made these yesterday, I didn't realize that my kids had eaten up the bacon, so I only had 7 pieces.  I crumbled that into large pieces and divided evenly among the 8 tortillas.  I felt like it was a good amount. Still delicious as usual!

ginnybunk's Review

March 05, 2012
Made these many times for extended family. Great to 'make ahead'.

mkumpe's Review

March 09, 2011
Delicious and easy! Great to pack and go!

bahibektoi's Review

August 10, 2009
Got rave reviews at a recent picnic. Added some roasted red pepper. Delicious!