Photo: Anson Smart
Prep Time
15 Mins
Other Time
5 Hours 30 Mins
Makes 6 servings

This recipe was tested in a 6-quart slow cooker. Because different models cook at different rates, the cooking time below is presented as a range. Check for doneness at the low end of the range (but not before, as the escaped heat will significantly slow the cooking). If the food is not done, cover and cook to the end of the suggested time range. If using a slow-cooker smaller than 6 quarts, the cooking time may take an additional hour or more, and results may vary.

How to Make It

In the bowl of a slow cooker, combine the beer, 3 cups water, the chilies, adobo sauce, cumin, onion, beans, pork, and 1 1/2 teaspoons salt. Set the slow cooker to high and cook, covered, until the beans are tender and the pork pulls apart easily, 4 to 5 1/2 hours. Using a fork, separate the pork into large pieces. Divide among individual bowls and top with the sour cream, salsa, and cilantro.

If You Don't Have a Slow Cooker: Heat oven to 300° F. Follow the recipe above using a Dutch oven or large casserole. Bake, covered, until the pork pulls apart easily, 4 hours.

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Ratings & Reviews

carlisle's Review

March 03, 2015
This was highly over rated -lacked interest and was a waste of a good piece of pork

rebscabin's Review

March 10, 2013
This recipe makes a hearty, wonderful meal, and freezes well. I will definitely make this again!

nwilker's Review

September 26, 2011
I used the whole can of the chopped chipotle chilies in adobo sauce. That gave it a nice kick, but it just seemed to be missing something. I probably wont make it again - but i'll enjoy the 10 servings i did make!

pelliew's Review

March 02, 2011
Fantastic! I subsituted the chilies in adobo sauce for chipotle chili pepper seasoning so it was a little milder for kids. I also scooped out 1/2 of the beans about one hour before finished and processed them to thicken for a more chalupa like taste. Shred the pork after processing beans.

Patten's Review

August 08, 2010
it surprised me how much the pork tasted like beer. it wasn't bad, but you definitely have to like beer to like this recipe! it also made a WHOLE lot. was eating it for days.

bethanyrn's Review

September 28, 2009
I was nervous about the beans not getting soft enough, so I soaked them overnight, then only added 1 C. of water to the slow cooker. I also added a few chopped garlic cloves and was quite generous with the salt. We really liked it and thought the heat was just right as written. Oh, it just went all day -- about 11 hours -- on low.

DixieDishrag's Review

February 25, 2009
Delicious! I don't like to cook pork shoulder in one large chunk because it's so fatty, so I cut it up into 1" pieces and trimmed the fat away. I'm gone for about 11 hours, so I cooked it on low for about 8 hours, then had my teenager turn it up to high when he got home from school - it cooked on high for another 4 hours. The beans and pork were beautifully done and the soup was wonderful! I tripled the cumin and the chipotle chili (I puree mine and freeze it), used more water than called for, and used more salt than the recipe called for because it needed it. I'd recommend this to anyone -- it will be a crockpot staple in our family!

Megco33's Review

February 17, 2009
I've made this three times now and it is insanely good. It also freezes like a dream. I've never had a problem with the beans getting nice and soft; maybe that's because I usually end up cooking for a longer period of time on the high setting. I double the chipotle and adobo when I make it for my husband, but left out the pepper (and just used a bit of the adobo sauce) when I made it for the kids and they were crazy about it, too. And I agree that the garlic is a good addition.

Oregoncook's Review

February 10, 2009
This was much better as leftovers than the first night. I served it in tortillas with salsa, cheese, and sour cream.