6 servings (serving size: 2 tacos)

Look for cooked, peeled shrimp at the seafood counter; or quickly thaw frozen cooked, peeled shrimp in a colander under cold running water. Marinate shrimp in a nonreactive bowl, such as one that is glass or ceramic; an aluminum or copper bowl will react with the citrus juice to give the shrimp a metallic taste.

How to Make It

Step 1

Finely grate rind from limes to measure 1 tablespoon; juice limes to measure 1/4 cup. Place rind and juice in a large bowl. Add tomato and remaining ingredients except tortillas; toss well to combine. Cover and chill for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Step 2

Heat tortillas according to package directions. Spoon about 1/2 cup shrimp mixture down center of each tortilla; fold in half. Serve immediately.

Ratings & Reviews

JLBrooks321's Review

August 06, 2014
I was really impressed with this recipe. I don't usually cook much shrimp because it gives my manfriend a little GI distress, but it was on sale at Publix so he had to suck it up. At first glance, it seems like this recipe could turn out too acidic, but a good corn tortilla really balances it out well. The fact that it's served cold makes for easy re-heating at work the next day. I will definitely make again. Oh, and the manfriend approved. In case you were wondering.

Martibel's Review

August 21, 2013
I made this last night after seeing it on this website yesterday. The first time I make anything, I always read everything a few times as I'm putting it together so it takes longer than it should to get it done. It was DELICIOUS! I filled two tortillas (I used whole wheat) and had to stop myself from eating the rest so I would have something to bring with me to work today. My co worker tried it and loved it so much she had me find the recipe for her. The lime juice/cilantro mix is such a great classic and always makes any food taste amazing. I bought cooked peeled shrimp and just had to detail it so it cut back on cooking time. I also didn't add too much tomato and I added some fresh corn I had just finished boiling. I had lunch today a little earlier than I usually do just to eat it! I am stuffed and happy! Think this would also be great as a salad on its own, without the shrimp. A+!

More than 300 calories

April 03, 2015
The tortilla alone is 220 calories, not sure how this comes under <300 calories per serving...

kelli01's Review

August 14, 2014
One of my favorite recipes to make. I omit the salt completely. I love the liminess (is that a word?) Anywho, I don't think it needs the salt. Its also great without the tortillas as just a shrimp/avocado/tomato salad!

JessicaJJM's Review

May 31, 2014
Really good. Great, light summer meal.

makenasurf's Review

January 12, 2014
Very good. A bit too much salt.

CrystalOchsner's Review

November 11, 2013

BeckyBF's Review

August 20, 2013
Very nice, flavorful tacos. Our kids thought they were a bit tangy but my husband & I loved.

alaskagal's Review

May 25, 2013

Dorseyl's Review

March 31, 2013
These are the best! We usually double it because it's so delicious. It's a frequent meal at my parents'. I will say that making it ahead of time isn't the best idea as the lime starts making things taste a little tangy but fresh, these are amazing!