Photo: Joseph De Leo; Styling: Thom Driver
Total Time
20 Mins
4 servings

How to Make It

Step 1

Bring first 4 ingredients to a boil in a saucepan; cook 4 minutes or until mixture thickens. Cool slightly.

Step 2

While paprika mixture cooks, heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add 1 teaspoon olive oil to pan; swirl to coat. Pat scallops dry with paper towels; sprinkle with 1/8 teaspoon salt and black pepper. Add scallops to pan; cook 2 minutes on each side or until done. Remove from pan; keep warm.

Step 3

Add remaining 1 teaspoon oil and garlic to pan; cook 30 seconds, stirring constantly. Add half of spinach; cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Add remaining spinach; cook 2 minutes or until wilted. Stir in 1/8 teaspoon salt.

Step 4

Divide the spinach mixture evenly among each of 4 plates, and divide scallops evenly among servings. Drizzle paprika mixture evenly over scallops; sprinkle 1 tablespoon pine nuts over each serving.

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Ratings & Reviews

lovetherun's Review

January 18, 2013
We loved this recipe! It's something I'd be happy with in a restaurant. My only problem was that I cooked down the syrup too much, making it hard to drizzle after it had cooled. I think it was really important to toast whatever nuts though. The first time I used walnuts and the second I had the pine nuts. The walnuts were a good sustitute if you don't have pine nuts. Overall, this was great!

KER1117's Review

January 17, 2013
I actually thought the sauce was disgusting. It was overwhelmingly sweet and had an odd texture. I tried it on one bite of scallop and it was even more terrible when combined with that flavor. Luckily I hadn't poured it over the scallops so nothing was ruined. If you do feel the need to make this don't use the full amount of sugar.

Bellard's Review

May 15, 2012
Amazing! Quick, easy & delicious! I will use even more baby spinach next time - so good!

carolfitz's Review

May 15, 2011
Super-easy with impressive results. Made with leaf spinach, double the amount called for -- 2.5oz per person was too little for us. Lovely presentation, syrup drizzle was a flavor surprise. Recommend you try this without any tweaking.

mandalin's Review

April 01, 2011
My boyfriend made this thing I have eaten in years!!

sleepless's Review

April 01, 2011
I love this recipe. It's quick, easy and delicious. I made a little extra sauce just in case. I ended up over cooking some of the spinach because my skillet wasn't large enough. It's better when it's just wilted. Having it again tonight..can't wait.

wendyjoy's Review

March 18, 2011
WOW!! This was one of the quickest and most delicious recipes I've ever made. It took less than 15 mins to pull it all together and turned into something I would pay money in a restaurant for. The sauce really makes the dish. I used crushed red pepper flakes vs. ground, halfed the recipe using 6 jumbo sea scallops, left out the pine nuts. A-mazing!