Active Time
2 Hours
Total Time
2 Hours
Serves 12

Sculpting a terrifying head using the components of a classic charcuterie board may be a labor of love, but for anyone who takes their Halloween entertaining seriously…  trust us, it’s so worth it. 

How to Make It

Step 1

Place foam head on a cake stand, and secure with tape. (Can also place base of head in a hollowed out pumpkin ring to secure in place.)

Step 2

Secure each beef stick piece with a wooden pick, arranging them around head, custom-fitting each one to resemble a face. 

Step 3

Using wooden picks, place cheese round halves in foam head to resemble eyeballs. On the same picks, place an olive half over each cheese half to resemble pupils. 

Step 4

Spread cream cheese on the rounded side of peanut halves. Stick peanuts over mouth area on head, to resemble teeth.

Step 5

Arrange roasted red pepper strips in between beef pieces on top of head. 

Step 6

Arrange crackers, mustard, assorted cheeses, olives, and other charcuterie accompaniments of your choice around sausage head. Enjoy!

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