Recipe by Oxmoor House May 2001




Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • To Make Workshop Windows and Door: Place 2 whole graham crackers, back side up, on a flat surface (these will be sides of workshop). Pipe outline for windows with icing. Fill in windows with icing in a crisscross pattern. Cut curved ends of candy canes with scissors and fit onto windows; cut straight pieces of candy cane to fit at base of windows.

  • Place another whole graham cracker, back side up, on flat surface. Pipe outline for door in center. Fill in door with icing; spread smooth with a small spatula. Add cinnamon candy as doorknob. Cut 1 curved end of a candy cane; fit over left side of door. Cut another curved end of a candy cane; fit over right side of door. Pipe icing over door to cover seam.

  • To Make Workshop Base: Start near 1 edge of cardboard (to leave room for a pathway), and squeeze a line of icing 1/4" thick in a 5" square. (Use a pencil to sketch this out first, if needed.) This square will hold the workshop's 4 walls firmly to the cardboard base.

  • Squeeze icing along 1 short edge of 1 cracker with windows. Press cracker against 1 short edge of a plain whole cracker (the back of workshop). Place crackers on a corner of icing on cardboard. Gently hold 2 walls in place 1 minute or until set. Reach into the inside corner seam of 2 walls and reinforce the seam with more icing, using your finger. Repeat procedure to attach the other side and front of workshop, 1 cracker at a time. Reinforce inside corner seams with icing, using finger. Set workshop aside to dry completely (at least 1 hour) before adding roof. Meanwhile, decorate crackers for roof.

  • To Make Roof: Cut 1 graham cracker in half lengthwise using a serrated knife and a gentle sawing motion. Place half of cracker next to long side of a whole cracker, measure them together, and cut out cardboard to match size. Glue 1 1/2 crackers to cardboard, using icing. Let dry. This will be 1 long side of roof. Repeat procedure to make other side of roof, using remaining cut graham cracker piece and another whole cracker.

  • Place 2 cardboard-backed roof pieces on a flat surface. Pipe icing to cover cracker side of roof pieces. Smooth icing with spatula or knife. Decorate with rows of peppermint disks, covering crackers completely. Set aside to dry.

  • Pipe icing across top of side walls of workshop and across 1 long edge of 2 roof pieces. Gently position roof pieces in place on top of side walls. Hold 2 roof pieces in place 1 minute. (Roof and walls should line up exactly.)

  • Pipe icing on top of roof; add chocolate candy roll for chimney. Hold in place 1 minute. Pipe a little icing on top of candy roll; add cotton ball.

  • Cut remaining 2 graham crackers into wide triangles, using a serrated knife and a gentle sawing motion. On back of large triangles, pipe a small circle of icing. Press peppermint disks into icing. Set triangles aside to dry.

  • Pipe icing around all edges of 2 decorated triangles. Attach triangles to front and back of roof to complete the workshop. Hold pieces in place 1 minute.

  • To Add Finishing Touches: Pipe more icing onto roof, corners of workshop, windows, and window sills. While squeezing icing in bag, slowly pull bag away to form icicles. Pipe icing icicles to cover any gaps in roof. Attach fat peppermint sticks to 4 corners of workshop using icing. Pipe icing onto gumdrops; place around workshop as snow-covered bushes. Pipe outline of path with icing, and fill in with icing; sprinkle with mini morsels. Sprinkle artificial snow around workshop, covering cardboard completely. Add greenery.

  • Note: Find artificial snow at most crafts stores.


Christmas with Southern Living 2001