2 servings (serving size: 3 skewers)

Shrimp scampi is an easy way to enjoy Italian cuisine at home.  Threading olive oil-marinated shrimp on rosemary-branch skewers imparts a subtle herb flavor to the dish and a fantastic scent to your table.

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine first 6 ingredients in a zip-top plastic bag. Add shrimp to bag; seal and shake to coat. Marinate in refrigerator 30 minutes, turning bag occasionally.

Step 2

Working with 1 rosemary sprig at a time, hold leafy end of sprig in 1 hand. Strip leaves off sprig with other hand, leaving 1/2 inch of leaves attached to leafy end of sprig. Repeat procedure with remaining rosemary sprigs to make 6 rosemary skewers. Thread 3 shrimp onto each rosemary skewer.

Step 3

Heat a grill pan over medium-high heat. Coat both sides of shrimp skewers with cooking spray. Arrange 3 skewers on pan; cook 2 minutes on each side or until shrimp are done. Remove from pan; keep warm. Repeat procedure with remaining skewers. Serve with lemon wedges, if desired.

Chef's Notes

Rosemary has a long history of being associated with the heart. It has been believed by many to be a love charm, by others to be a token of remembrance and fidelity, and by some to be a potent aphrodisiac. Bamboo skewers also work quite well. Serve with steamed haricots verts.

Ratings & Reviews

BrennaR's Review

June 11, 2012
I made this for our Memorial Day barbeque, very tasty and interesting. I used several long rosemary sprigs as skewers and cooked on the grill which I think has more flavor than a grill pan. The rosemary skewers gave the shrimp a subtle rosemary flavor that paired well well with the simple marinade. I am going to make these again next weekend for our supper club.

June 08, 2015
Sounds like a delicious meal..

almondyankee's Review

June 25, 2010
Excellent recipe. Easy to make and the flavor is outstanding. Even my picky kids enjoyed it! I added a handful of chopped fresh rosemary into the marinade as suggested by another reviewer (great way to use the rosemary leaves since you have to strip it off the stem to use for skewers), otherwise followed the recipe as indicated. Served the Shrimp Skewers with a cup of CL Summer Corn and White Bean Soup and warm and crusty Rosemary Bread (store bought).

AngelaK66's Review

February 13, 2011
We made this as written and unfortunately it wasn't my favorite. I think the rosemary flavor was far too overpowering for me. My husband seemed to like it okay, but I doubt I'll make again. Too many other CL shrimp recipes that I like better.

BreakofDay's Review

February 17, 2009
This was an excellent entree for my husband's and my Valentine's dinner. It was so yummy, my husband said they were as good as any shrimp he'd ever had at a restaurant. I had no fresh rosemary so I used bamboo skewers, but added some dried rosemary to the marinade. I wasn't careful about lining up the shrimp just right on the skewers, so I ended up with one shrimp that didn't brown on one side. Oops. Even so, they were wonderful.

wispine's Review

February 14, 2012

OKNancy's Review

December 28, 2011
We love shrimp scampi and I have made it all different ways. We use a lot of fresh rosemary and loved the flavor! This recipe is amazing and the skewers look so elegant on the plate. Our new favorite...thanks!