Photo: John Kernick; Styling: Marcus Hay
Makes 8 servings

Whether for a simple weeknight side or holiday dinner, this 4-ingredient dish is sure to become a familiy favorite. Roasting caramelizes the Brussels sprouts enhancing their flavor while keeping them tender. For additional flavor, toss with cooked, crumbled bacon.

How to Make It

Prepare the Brussels Sprouts
Heat oven to 400° F. On a large rimmed baking sheet, toss the Brussels sprouts, pecans, oil, garlic, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Turn the Brussels sprouts cut-side down.

Cook the Brussels Sprouts
Roast until golden and tender, 20 to 25 minutes.

Ratings & Reviews

chattiepattie's Review

April 19, 2013
We love brussel sprouts but did not like this recipe. We will not make again.

CAgirlinIA's Review

November 12, 2009
I agree with all reviewers, this was a keeper. I splashed a little balsamic vinegar on it just before serving but otherwise made it per the recipe.

doylecm's Review

December 31, 2011
Even better w./ bacon!

Cheryl242's Review

April 07, 2011
These were delicious. What a great way to fix brussels sprouts. Did not take too much time to prepare. I roasted them 20 min. as recipe says and they were really good--think they even could have roasted for a little less time and been not quite as browned. Will definitely make this recipe again for company or just us.

AZGypsie's Review

March 18, 2011
This is incredibly good and I really dislike brussel sprouts! I used bacon fat and bacon bit in place of the butter and pecans, but will try it that way also. I am sure it will be marvelous regardless. And if you are a Weight Watcher like me, its very PointPlus friendly!

kidsnurse01's Review

March 03, 2010
My kids ate this!! It is DELICIOUS!!!! And super easy to make. The longest prep was cutting the sprouts in half, but my oldest daughter helped with that and it was actually really good bonding time! I will definitely make this a regular for our family!

Sandi218's Review

January 16, 2012
Amazing!!!! Serve as a side to just about any dish.

8stringfan's Review

November 26, 2014
Meh... The best part of this recipe was that the brussels sprouts were roasted and had a hint of garlic. Roasted brussels sprouts with garlic are easy and common, so what should have set this apart was the addition of the pecans which I thought turned out to be awful. Quick quiz... Have you ever toasted pecans? Yes? Okay, how long did you toast them and at what temp? My guess is that it was not 400 for 20 minutes. Do you know what happens to pecans cooked that long at that temp? They burn...badly. So, you have tasty garlic-y roasted brussels sprouts tossed with countless pieces of black, acrid, burned pecans. However, I think there is some promise here. I'm wondering if it might be tasty to either toast the pecans separately and add them to the roasted sprouts or, caramelize the pecans separately and then add them at the end, playing up the sweetness against the earthy, vegetal, and lightly bitter notes of the brussels sprouts. Granted, that might explode the calories :(

Goldberg's Review

January 03, 2010
Neither my husband or I have ever eaten Brussels sprouts and we both loved this recipe. I'd totally serve this for company. We both went back for seconds! I halved the recipe since it served 8 and there are only two of us. We didn't have any leftovers.