Photographer: Lee Harrleson; Stylists:  Jan Gautro, Ana Kelly 
12 servings

Take Rice Krispies Treats to the next level by flavoring them with strawberry and chocolate and stacking them into “cake” layers to create a dessert that resembles a Neapolitan sundae.  It’s a perfect dessert child’s birthday party at school. 

How to Make It

Step 1

Butter 3 (8-inch) cake pans and line with parchment paper.

Step 2

For Chocolate Layer: Microwave 2 tablespoons butter and chocolate on HIGH in a large glass bowl for 30 second intervals until melted; toss with ½ (16-ounce) package marshmallows. Microwave on HIGH 1 to 1 ½ minutes or until puffed and melted. Immediately stir in 4 cups puffed rice cereal, mixing well. Press into one prepared pan with wet fingers.  Let stand 30 minutes or until firm.

Step 3

For Vanilla Layer: repeat procedure omitting chocolate.

Step 4

For Strawberry Layer: repeat procedure omitting chocolate and using strawberry marshmallows. 

Step 5

Spread ½ cup frosting between layers.  Cut into 8 wedges. Decorate each wedge with a dollop of frosting and a cherry.

Step 6


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Ratings & Reviews

kltolly1's Review

January 07, 2013
Adorable idea, looks so easy! DebbieWiese - I see where you missed the other 1/2 - the whole bag of marshmallows is split between the vanilla and chocolate layers - there is a separate 8 oz package of strawberry marshmallows for the 3rd layer. Hope this helps!

pacacan's Review

January 05, 2013
I don't normally review recipes before making them but this is just a cute idea! My best friend is not a "cake" person so this will be perfect for her birthday in July! We're both Rice Krispies treats fiends, even into our 30's. I probably won't prepare this specifically to instruction here; I'm thinking maybe a regular and choco layers with peanut butter frosting! Thanks for the great idea!

DebbieWiese's Review

January 05, 2013
hmmm 1/2 times three adds up to 1and 1/2 to me.