Photo: Annabelle Breakey; Styling: Randy Mon
Total Time
30 Mins
Serves 6

This dessert is far from the ordinary, but completely worth the effort for the phenomenal flavor. A French-inspired pastry with a mild tart flavor and hint of pungent spice give you a simply unique Western-instilled treat.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 425° with a rack set on lowest level. Unfold pastry onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. In a small bowl, mix together 1 tablespoon granulated sugar, the brown sugar, cardamom, and flour. Evenly sprinkle sugar mixture over pastry.

Step 2

Trim rhubarb 1 in. shorter than pastry, then split lengthwise into 1/2-in.-wide pieces. Lay pieces parallel across the pastry square, leaving 1/2 in. border of pastry. Sprinkle rhubarb with remaining 2 tablespoon granulated sugar.

Step 3

Bake galette until edges are golden brown and puffed, 12 to 15 minutes. Serve with sweetened whipped cream or ice cream.

Step 4

Note: Nutritional analysis is per serving.

Ratings & Reviews

MegBee1's Review

November 25, 2010
I first saw the recipe in Sunset a few months ago, and I absolutely loved the photo of the galette on the turquoise background. I was a bit apprehensive in making this, but, it's now one of my all-time favorites. Don't be afraid of rhubarb + cardamom combo, they come together so well in this galette. It only takes a few minutes to make, another plus! Best served warm with vanilla ice cream!

ajvinande's Review

March 23, 2013
Superb & easy! Frozen rhubarb works great here defrosted. The cardamom really balances out the rhubarb, as does the fantastic crust. The family loves it. I'll be making this recipe again & again!!