Photo: Beth Dreiling Hontzas; Styling: Lisa Powell Bailey
Prep Time
20 Mins
Cook Time
3 Hours 6 Mins
Makes 6 to 8 servings

This Red Wine Beef Stew recipe is pure comfort but it takes a while to prepare, so make it on a day when you have some time to spare. Serve it with crusty bread or over rice to capture every drop of the rich gravy.

How to Make It

Ratings & Reviews

August 24, 2015
I have a ? This is my first time cooking this I don't want to mess it up do u add water to your pot or just the wine and what brand do I use

104jewel's Review

February 23, 2012
This was super good and worth the effort! Like others recommended, I doubled the turnips, and used whole fresh carrots. I added sauteed onions and garlic and will add some celery next time for some crunch. I was *certain* it would not be tender, but it is!!!! My mom, husband and me all heart this recipe. A keeper! So glad it freezes because it does make a lot. I served Mom's over Uncle Ben's quick rice packets and will have mine over egg noodles tomorrow. thanks for a great recipe!

HaileeRose's Review

December 05, 2011
Yummy! I altered this recipe a little... -Floured/Seasoned the Beef, browned it and then threw everything else in the crockpot... ended up adding oil and thinly chopped red onion to make a pan sauce out of the browning beef leftovers... added that too. -For liquid I used: 1 1/2 cup wine, 1 can of reduced sodium beef stock and 1 can of no sat added diced tomatoes (I'm on a low sodium diet) -Didn't love the large pieces of mushroom... next time I will chop them very small so they'll be a nice accent... also I would add more carrots. -Also didn't end up going with the turnips, wish I had seen the suggestion for celery root before making it, sounds good for next time! Overall... delicious flavor!

llawrence1970's Review

December 16, 2012
a perfect healthy winter staple...

aggiegirl96's Review

November 29, 2009
Amazing beef stew! Rated this a 9.5 out of 10. I skipped the turnip and used a red potatoe instead. Also added fresh onions in with the other veggies. Had whole carrots on hand so I chopped those up instead of the baby carrots. This is just a wonderful recipe and well worth the wait. Even though it is time consuming, it is a very easy one to make. Will make again several times this winter.

Erika50's Review

January 28, 2013

flowerpot916's Review

January 12, 2012
This stew was so pleasing to the palate, the meat and vegetables just melted away in my mouth. Next time I might increase the gravy as the temptation to soak it all up with french bread is irresistible. The only slight changes I made were increasing the mushrooms and turnips, and using chopped whole carrots.

BonnieCooks's Review

November 18, 2009
Pretty easy to make, I didn't have red wine, but I used red wine vinegar which worked very well for flavor. The sauce didn't thicken up quite as much as I anticipated, but I liked to thinner sauce for bread dipping. Delicious!

karaoke584's Review

October 23, 2010
This was my first time making a meat recipe...and it came out great!! I substituted red potatoes and whole carrots cut up; it was dinner for two, so I probably screwed up the measurements a little, I think that's why the sauce didn't thicken up so much. Served it with rice, my boyfriend loved it.

kanzivino's Review

February 02, 2009
This is the best beef stew recipe ever! It makes the whole house smell wonderful, and makes enough to feed an army. Don't omit the red wine!! I serve it over risotto rice, but also try thick slices of homemade cornbread. Be sure to make copies of the recipe when you serve it - everyone will want one!