Photo: William Dickey; Styling: Margaret Dickey
Prep Time
5 Mins
Makes 6 servings

Serve this fruity concoction made with fresh raspberries, raspberry lemonade concentrate, and of course -- beer. Crush the raspberries in the pitcher before serving to release their tasty tart juices.



How to Make It

Step 1

Using the back of a spoon, mash raspberries in a bowl; transfer to a pitcher. Stir in remaining ingredients. Serve over ice.

Step 2

*3/4 cup thawed frozen raspberries may be substituted.

Ratings & Reviews

Casey6's Review

April 07, 2010
This became my standard 'bring it to the party' drink last summer. I followed the recipe and used what ever beer we had on hand. It is beautiful, refreshing, and inexpensive. Easily doubled and packs a punch. I often used frozen rasberries and chilled lime slices. Truly pretty and tasty enough for all occasions.