Photo: Annabelle Breakey; Styling: Robyn Valarik    
Prep Time
30 Mins
Chill Time
12 Hours
Serves 12

Make a picture-perfect fall dessert for your holiday open house or neighborhood block party. It's pretty from the top, and even prettier when you remove a slice.



How to Make It

Step 1

Beat cream cheese and sugars in a bowl with a mixer on medium speed until smooth. Then beat in pumpkin, half-and-half, salt, pumpkin pie spice, and vanilla until smooth and fluffy.

Step 2

Lay enough graham crackers in a 9- by 9-in. pan to cover bottom (cut to fit if necessary). Spread a quarter of pumpkin mixture over crackers with an offset spatula. Layer 3 more times, ending with pumpkin mixture.

Step 3

Cover; chill overnight. Set leaf cutouts (trace them on paper) on top and dust with cocoa, then remove. Cut cake into squares.

Step 4

Note: Nutritional analysis is per square.

Chef's Notes

To serve it on a plate (out of the pan), line pan with plastic wrap so it hangs over the edges. Start your layers with a quarter of the pumpkin mixture, top with graham crackers, and repeat 3 times, ending with crackers. To serve, lift from pan using plastic wrap as handles. Hold a plate facedown on top of the cake and flip over together. Remove wrap, smooth with a spatula, and trim edges. Then decorate as directed.

Ratings & Reviews

laurelg1's Review

November 05, 2011

todd551's Review

November 05, 2011
Question - why is it called pumpkin chocolate? Is the chocolate because of the dusting of cocoa powder? The previous review refers to the chocolate to pumpkin ratio and the chocolate layers. Is there something missing from the recipe? 11/6/11 Thank you for the answer, I can't believe I missed that the graham crackers were chocolate!!!! Much appreciated!

mobo128's Review

November 19, 2011
Very easy to make. Came out looking just like the picture.

chelseahoag's Review

November 20, 2011

MissGuided's Review

November 20, 2011

hleigh66's Review

November 24, 2011

Elizabeth03's Review

November 05, 2011
The chocolate is from the CHOCOLATE graham crackers. That is the dark chocolate layer you see! Enjoy!

sandicmo2's Review

November 05, 2011

charlottecball's Review

November 27, 2011
I made this for Thanksgiving and took it to a friend's house. It was so easy to make and delicious. I ran out of time and so I didn't get a chance to cut out the leaves (or other shapes), and so I just dusted it with the chocolate powder--still amazing. My friend is still telling me how good it was, and she just asked for the recipe. Definitely fun and easy to make!

joschmoe's Review

November 07, 2011
I made this to take to someones house which I never should have done. I usually don't take things I haven't made before but this looked good and easy. It was barely edible. I followed the directions to the T and it was bitter and looked better than it tasted. Live and learn.