Total Time
20 Mins
4 servings (serving size: 3 ounces pork and about 1/2 cup bell pepper mixture)

Pork tenderloin is a delicious weeknight staple. Jazz it up by slicing and pan frying with colorful bell pepeprs. Anchovies melt into the pepper mixture, adding a savory, salty quality. If you don't like anchovies, omit them and add 3 tablespoons minced olives. Serve with mashed potatoes.

How to Make It

Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat. Sprinkle pork with salt and pepper. Add oil to pan; swirl to coat. Add pork to pan; cook for 5 minutes. Reduce heat to medium; turn pork over. Add 1 teaspoon rosemary, anchovies, garlic, and bell peppers; cook 7 minutes or until peppers are tender and pork is done. Drizzle with vinegar. Top with remaining 1/2 teaspoon rosemary.

Ratings & Reviews

steponme's Review

March 24, 2014
Tender, flavorful and delicious. Served with chive mashed potatoes and CL Brussels Sprouts With Bacon, Shallots & Garlic.

kateh1's Review

January 24, 2013

TigarLuv's Review

December 24, 2012
I too was a little worried about the anchovies, but they mixed right into the dish and gave it great flavor! I would recommend taking the time to use real garlic (not bottled) with this recipe and I doubled the peppers. This recipe is easy and amazing!

mammy5's Review

June 04, 2012

Jazzy1's Review

June 03, 2012
I love Pork Tenderloin, and this is a fabulous recipe, It was quick and easy to prepare and tasted delicious. Red and yellow peppers give wonderful color. It was my first time using anchovies. Not sure what they imparted,but it did taste great. Will definitely make again.

LindaKBC's Review

January 29, 2012

OldDoc66's Review

January 18, 2012
I just made this for the second time. I made it last November when our Grand daughter was visiting from Germany and we all thought it was fantastic. I'm sending it to her husband so he can surprise her. My wife can't taste a lot of things, but this she can. I actually cut the medallions about 3/4 inch and went a little heavy on the garlic and rosemary. I always have rosemary and other favorite herbs growing in pots year round. Don't worry about the anchovies if you haven't used them before. They affect the flavor, but there is no fishy taste. I put about two ounces of balsamic vinegar in a small sauce pan and reduce it to about half. Use the balsamic glaze on both the pork and peppers. In early summer, during the Vadalia onion season, I do red, yellow and orange peppers and vidalia onions on the grill, spraying them with balsamic vinegar and white wine often enough to keep them moist until they are tender crisp.

EBrophey's Review

December 08, 2011

kab0612's Review

November 29, 2011
Really wondeful! I've never used anchovies before and am not a big fan of any type of fish, but they really added a wonderful salty flavor. Really easy to make, very colorful presentation, and tasted great!

jmeleeS's Review

October 27, 2011
My husband and I love this recipe for a weeknight meal (in fact I just made it again last night) - it cooks up perfectly in ~25 minutes (including chop time). To save on time, I throw the garlic, jumbo black olives (we took the magazine suggestion of this as a great substitute for the anchovy since we almost always have a can on hand the pantry) and 1 large rosemary sprig into the food processor together. Use any sweet peppers that look good at the store (usually orange and red look best in this dish). Although not necesary, if you have balsamic cream on hand, I usually drizzle just a bit over the top (1 tsp) of the finished plated dish, which not only makes this look pretty, but also helps bring out the flavors. Serve with garlic (or regularly) smashed potatoes - enjoy!