James Carrier
Makes 4 servings

Brown the pork tenderloin on all sides before baking–this gives the meat a nice sear and seals in the rich flavor. Top with apricot chutney, made from store-bought jam, rice vinegar, mustard seed, and fresh ginger.

How to Make It

Step 1

If necessary to keep the tenderloin in a compact piece, tie meat at several intervals with cotton string.

Step 2

Melt butter in an ovenproof 10- to 12-inch nonstick frying pan over high heat. Add pork tenderloin and turn as needed to brown well on all sides, 5 to 6 minutes total.

Step 3

Add apricot chutney and 1/3 cup water to pan and stir to incorporate meat drippings. Baste tenderloin with some of the sauce, and then put it in a 450° oven.

Step 4

Roast pork, basting often with sauce, until meat is 150° to 155° in center of thickest part, 12 to 14 minutes. If sauce starts to scorch, stir in water, 2 tablespoons at a time.

Step 5

Transfer the tenderloin to a platter. Pour the apricot chutney sauce over pork, or serve the sauce in a small bowl and add to taste. Slice tenderloin and season to taste with salt and pepper.

Chef's Notes

Notes: Serve with a curry-seasoned risotto or pilaf and a nippy salad of watercress or Belgian endive. For variation, use boned, skinned, and fat-trimmed chicken thighs (about 1 lb. total) instead of pork; brown the meat (about 6 minutes), then cook with the chutney and water just until the thighs are tender when pierced, 10 to 12 minutes. You may need to add another 1/4 cup water or so to keep the sauce from scorching.

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Ratings & Reviews

Tebea2's Review

October 09, 2014
This is delicious. My husband has a recipe for tenderloin that we all love but he said this was as good. Would definitely serve for company. Going to try the sauce with chicken next.

inpsctrcat's Review

October 04, 2013
This was very good. My husband loved it and said "mmmmm" after every bite! I only had about 1/3 cup of apricot jam so I broke down the Apricot Chutney recipe and it made just enough for this recipe. I will definitely make a full recipe of the Chutney - it was excellent. This would be good with chicken too.

leocadie70's Review

April 22, 2013
awesome dish!!! the entire family loves it, I make every week now.

GracesHuman's Review

January 24, 2012
Made this twice now. Had enough left over chutney from the first time to do it again. It kept well in the fridge, and with that part done it was great for a quick elevated weeknight meal.

All4EatingHlthy's Review

December 16, 2011
Using the crockpot was key.

Katie34's Review

October 26, 2011
This turned out wonderfully. I made it for a quick weeknight dinner and was amazed at how easily it came together. I made the apricot chutney the night before so everything was ready to go when I got home from work. My only issue was with the amount of smoke that came off the pan when I was browning the meat. But as long as you keep a window cracked or the kitchen fan on you'll be fine. And the meat was perfectly cooked when it came out the oven. It was moist and tender and the flavor was amazing. I realized later that I forgot to salt and pepper the tenderloin before I put it on the table. No one noticed. The chutney is so delicious you don't need any additional seasoning. This is a winner!

JeffMaxwell's Review

September 02, 2010
I quadrupled the recipe and had it for a dinner party and there was not a crumb left over. I used brown mustard seed and red wine vinegar for a little extra kick and grilled it. Absolutely delightful! Definitely worth cooking this one again.