Instead of a regular cupcake batter, use a pound cake batter for these cupcakes because it makes a sturdier cupcake to hold all of the frosting and decorating ingredients. Make a vanilla frosting and add the tint with pink food coloring gel. If you prefer a white poodle, just omit the pink food coloring from the frosting.  You can make your own Rice Krispies Treats or use storebought. See How to Make Poodle Cupcakes for step-by-step instructions and photos.

Recipe by MyRecipes November 2013


Credit: Tami Hardeman

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1 cupcake (serving size: 1 cupcake)


Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Add a thin layer of frosting to the top of the whole cupcake.

  • Add one dollop of frosting toward the middle of the top of cupcake to hold the head in place.

  • Shape Rice Krispie treat into a ball about the size of a golf ball. Place ball on dollop of frosting in the center of cupcake.

  • Pipe a vertical line of frosting on opposite sides of the ball where the ears will be placed.  This can be done with a small a piping bag, baggie, or small spatula.  The icing will be covered so the line does not need to be exact.  Place a peanut shaped candy to each side of the treat, on the vertically lined frosting, for ears.

  • Fit a piping bag with a #14 or #16 star tip and fill with the pink tinted frosting.  Pipe frosting over the entire cupcake, except on the ears. Work from the bottom to the top of the area. To do so, apply pressure to form a star. Increase or decrease pressure to achieve the preferred star size. Gradually decrease pressure while pulling away. For the ears, start at the top of the ears.  Apply pressure and pipe long stands of rigged icing. For the nose pipe a cone-line globule of icing in the front center of the fact. This can be done by switching out the star tip for a using a small round tip (like a 12, 1A, or 2A), or filling another bag.

  • Cut a small piece of fruit roll and place on cupcake for the nose.  Use the fruit roll or another moldable candy to form bows.  To do so, cut three small strips of the fruit leather. Loop two of the strips so that each resemble a tear drop shape. Place the flat ends of each loop together, overlapping slightly.  Wrap the third strip around the "connection" area to finish the blow. Repeat for a second bow.  When complete, place one blow on each dog ear.

  • Add small chocolate candies for the eyes.

  • Using the piping bag with a #14 or #16 star tip, pipe a hair “poof” on the top of the head, between the ears.

  • Carefully place pink sugar pearls, or round candy, around the "neck" for a dog collar.

Chef's Notes

For the basic frosting on top of each cupcake, you’ll only need enough to lightly coat the top of each cupcake, about ¼ cup frosting per cupcake.  Too much frosting on the cupcake will make it harder to decorate into the puppy face.