Photo: Caitlin Bensel; Food Styling: Emily Nabors Hall and Kady Wohlfarth; Prop Styling: Kay Clarke
Active time
20 min.
Total time
1 hour, 30 min.
Serves 12 (serving size: about 1 cup)

Crisp crust and gooey pecan pie goodness taste even better in a crowd-pleasing cobbler.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 425°F. Unroll 1 piecrust, and cut into 1-inch-wide strips. Place strips in a single layer on a baking sheet, and bake in preheated oven until browned, about 10 minutes. Cool completely on baking sheet on a wire rack, about 10 minutes.

Step 2

Unroll another piecrust, and place on a lightly floured surface; roll into a 14- x 10-inch rectangle. Fit into a lightly greased (with cooking spray) 13- x 9-inch baking dish, pressing to secure piecrust to edges of dish. Prick bottom of crust several times with a fork. Bake at 425° until lightly browned, 8 to 10 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack.

Step 3

Reduce oven temperature to 350°F. Whisk together corn syrup, brown sugar, melted butter, eggs, vanilla, and salt in a large bowl until thoroughly combined and smooth. Stir in pecans. Pour half of pecan mixture into baked crust in baking dish. Top mixture with baked piecrust strips, breaking them to fit over entire surface. Pour remaining half of pecan mixture over crust strips.

Step 4

Unroll remaining piecrust, and cut into 3/4-inch-wide strips. Arrange strips in a lattice pattern over top of pecan mixture. Brush lattice strips with heavy cream.

Step 5

Bake at 350°F until crust is browned and cobbler is set and bubbly, 45 to 50 minutes, covering cobbler with aluminum foil after 40 minutes to prevent excessive browning, if needed. Cool on a wire rack 30 minutes before serving. Serve with vanilla ice cream, if desired.

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