Lee Harrelson
20 servings (serving size: 1 wedge and 1 teaspoon syrup)

Mary Frances Noveh from River Ridge, Louisiana, sent us this dessert recipe, which first appeared in December 2001. She noted it was like a "peanut butter and chocolate candy bar." We loved the results, and since it makes two peanut butter pies, you can share one with a friend and keep the other for yourself. Several tasters in our Test Kitchens enjoy serving this pie frozen.

How to Make It

Combine powdered sugar, peanut butter, and cream cheese in a large bowl; beat with a mixer at medium speed until smooth. Add milk; beat until combined. Fold in whipped topping. Divide mixture evenly between crusts; chill 8 hours or until set (pies will have a soft, fluffy texture). Cut into wedges; drizzle with chocolate syrup.

Ratings & Reviews

mansiongal's Review

June 22, 2011
I made this recipe for an office holiday luncheon and the first pie was a huge hit, taste-wise, although a bit runny. I put the second one in the freezer overnight and pulled it out a day later and you would think it was a second holiday by the reactions of my co-workers. Freezing helped the texture very much. Very sweet, very rich. No one even wanted the chocolate syrup. I will try it with less or no confectioners sugar next time.

It's a splurge but worth it

January 22, 2016
Keep in mind that any peanut butter/chocolate combo dessert usually gets high marks with me. I will tell you that this is probably one of my most favorite desserts I've ever had. One of the ladies in our Cooking Light group made it last week and it was a big hit!!!

Son is a connoisseur of anything peanut butter.

December 01, 2015
Made this recipe with non low fat ingredients for Thanksgiving. My oldest son just messaged me wanting the recipe. Said it was the best pb pie he has ever had. And trust me, he has tried a lot as pb is his favorite food. Guess this will be his new holiday pie.

Yummy and Easy!

August 26, 2015
Wanted a no bake recipe and glad I tried this one!  Delicious!  It is very rick so only need small slices.  I froze the pies overnight and let them thaw a little before slicing.  Will try again with less powdered sugar.  

seaside725's Review

February 24, 2015
I thought this was a good recipe, easy to make. I made this for my daughters birthday and got mixed reviews on it. Some thought it was missing something.

Raykei's Review

December 14, 2013

dcobbr's Review

April 14, 2013

spber68's Review

March 14, 2013

jada27376's Review

February 27, 2013
Excellent and easy to make. I, like the others, omitted the powdered sugar. I did not have any chocolate syrup. I used dark chocolate indulgence by Philadelphia cream cheese. I melted and swirled in the pie. It was wonderful and did not need the syrup.

santinyfm's Review

December 23, 2012