Photo: JoanneGreen
Makes 42 cookies.

The kids will LOVE these! Cute treat for Thanksgiving gatherings, or any Autumn meals.

How to Make It

Step 1

Separate each cookie carefully, leaving cream filling on one side; set cookie halves without filling aside.

Step 2

Make a turkey body by attaching a cinnamon candy (for turkey head) to each malted milk ball (turkey body) with a dab of chocolate frosting.

Step 3

Attach a turkey body to center of each cookie half with cream filling using a dab of chocolate frosting.

Step 4

Spread chocolate frosting on the inside of each cookie half that does not have cream filling.

Step 5

For the turkey tail, arrange candy corn on chocolate-frosting cookies with wide end of candy along outer edge.

Step 6

Attach each turkey tail behind a turkey body using chocolate frosting.

Step 7

Store assembled turkeys in the refrigerator.

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