Oxmoor House
Prep Time
7 Mins
Cook Time
9 Mins
1 pound

We've perfected this classic candy with easy microwave directions. Follow the cook times closely based on the wattage of your microwave. Munch on half of the brittle, and use the rest in Brown Sugar Cake with Peanut Buttercream and Brittle Topping.

How to Make It

Microwave first 3 ingredients in a 2-quart glass bowl on HIGH 5 minutes, using an 1100-watt microwave oven. (Microwave 1 more minute if using a 700-watt microwave.) Stir in peanuts. Microwave 3 more minutes in an 1100-watt oven (add 1 more minute in 700-watt oven). Stir in butter and vanilla. Microwave 45 seconds in an 1100-watt oven (add 1 more minute in 700-watt oven) or until candy is the color of peanut butter. Stir in baking soda (mixture will bubble). Working quickly, spread hot candy in a thin layer onto a lightly greased baking sheet using two metal forks. Cool completely. Break candy into pieces.

Christmas With Southern Living 2006

Ratings & Reviews

Click1st's Review

December 23, 2013

CathyOloo's Review

December 23, 2013

Peppermints's Review

December 20, 2012
I made my first homemade peanut brittle with this recipe, and it was so easy, and such a big hit! The only problem is that I don't think it will last till Christmas day before it is devoured. I will definitely be making more of this in the near future.

Herlinda's Review

December 13, 2011

autrela's Review

December 07, 2011
After cooking the sugar, salt and syrup for five minutes it was so thick that I could not combine the peanuts.I had to use my old recipe where the sugar syrup, salt & peanuts are combined and cooked for 7minutes 30 seconds. Then add the butter and vanilla and cook for one more minute before adding the soda and pouring in a butted pan, whick still works perfectly.

margaret2010's Review

December 04, 2011

LuAnneC's Review

December 04, 2011
I'm going to be trying this in the next day or two (I had just found a different microwave recipe that I was going to try so I'm not sure which one I'll use). There was a tip (from one of the reviewers of the other recipe) to butter the cookie sheet and warm it in the oven while the brittle is cooking. Then, supposedly, it won't harden up so fast and you'll have more time to spread it out. I'll post again after I try it but I wanted to share that tip with you. Oh, and I gave it 5 stars because of the many rave reviews of the other recipe. I'm guessing this one will turn out just as good.

Kathy42256's Review

December 04, 2011
This is nearly identical to the microwave peanut brittle I've been making for years. The only difference is that my recipe calls for roasted salted peanuts and omits the salt. I think a cup and a half of peanuts is a little too much - my recipe calls for a cup. If you don't know the wattage on your microwave, you might have to play with the times. This always gets rave reviews, and people cannot believe it is made in a microwave. My only suggestions would be to use a 4-cup Pyrex instead of a bowl so that you have a handle because the container will get very hot. That way you can make it without help. And I pour mine onto a cookie sheet covered with non-stick foil for easy cleanup. Use pure vanilla (not imitation) and real butter for fantastic results. Over the years, I've probably made at least 100 batches for teachers, coaches, and friends who always look forward to receiving this treat.

Robillm's Review

December 20, 2010
I remember making peanut brittle as a child with the girl scouts and standing at the stove for quite a long time! One of the reasons I have not made peanut brittle since! This Christmas I decided to try it again and searched the internet for a good recipe. Short, sweet and delicious! This was so easy and every bit as good as peanut brittle made on the stovetop! I made it exactly as the recipe states and I will definately make this again! Thanks for this terrific recipe!