Howard L. Puckett
8 servings (serving size: 1 cup)

CATEGORY WINNER Side Dishes and Side Salads. "This slaw is a healthier version of an original family recipe. It is creamy and delicious, and takes about five minutes to make." -Kelly McWherter, Houston, TX

How to Make It

Combine the first 6 ingredients in a large bowl, stirring with a whisk. Add chopped apple, 1 cup raisins, and coleslaw; toss to combine.

Ratings & Reviews

Nice variation for a side salad

August 28, 2015
I've made this for several occasions and always end up giving out the recipe when I introduce it to a new crowd, but each time it is a big hit.  I am now asked to bring it to events.  The flavors meld very well together and it is a nice variation to add to traditional side salad.

Bottini's Review

August 21, 2014
I have been making this for years & it is delicious. Anyone who eats it asks for the recipe. The only change I made was adding chopped walnuts.

Lynda09's Review

January 27, 2014
After making it according to recipe, i realized I was not going to be happy with it and made the changes according to "Alphabetizing". That helped quite a bit but I would stick with Cooking Lights poppy seed slaw dressing or Cat Cora's slaw dressing recipe instead.

alphabetizing's Review

October 14, 2012
Rated 3 stars for the base recipe, because when I first made it, it was blah and I was really bummed to be taking it to a friend's place. BUT after consulting with my boyfriend, who is a way better cook than I, we figured out a good altered version: bump up the vinegar to about 1.5x what's listed, slice the apples matchstick style but a little fatter and use more (also about 1.5x listed--we were altering a halved version anyway), go a little heavier on the golden raisins, and add 4 drops of sriracha/ "rooster sauce" (for the 8 serving recipe, only 2 for the 4 servings we made). Adding extra apples and vinegar really freshened it up a lot and the sriracha didn't really add spice so much as a more complex flavor that had previously been missing.

smd1212's Review

December 21, 2010
This is good and my husband and son ate it with burgers, so it fulfills my requirement of working some veggies into a meaty meal! I gave it three stars from personal preference, as I prefer a more tart, vinegary coleslaw (live in NC and are spoiled by the tart, tangy, peppery slaws at our BBQ joints!) But I love mixing the dried and fresh fruits in for extra nutrition - and if the creamy, traditional dressing gets the meat-eaters to eat their veggies, works for me!

Patten's Review

August 08, 2010
this was nice and refreshing. not extra special, but so easy to put together and such a colorful dish.

JaGaCook's Review

July 07, 2010
I enjoyed this...I probably would have given it 3 stars but since I didn't follow the recipe exactly and it came out tasty. I used fat free vanilla yogurt in place of sour cream, dark raisins instead of golden, 3 cups shredded cabbage, 2.5 cups match stick carrots. Will make again!

PaulMKE's Review

February 01, 2010
Easy and good side

chefmaggie's Review

September 15, 2009
Even those in my family who did not like coleslaw ate this recipe. Light and tasty!

JennySmith's Review

August 25, 2009
This is a good, tasty side dish. I stayed close to the recipe, but veered by using that broccoli coleslaw (12 oz. bag) and white wine vinegar...oh, and also Cameo apples instead of Romas, and regular raisins instead of golden (so I guess I didn't stay too close to the recipe). I don't think that the coleslaw overpowers the dressing (as per other comments). It is also tasty using the white wine vinegar. The dish was a good side for our steak dinner, and was fine to be made a day beforehand (the apples stayed very fresh).