10 (4-inch) pancakes (serving size: 1 pancake)

These are served at Maggie's Bed and Breakfast in Collinsville, Illinois.

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine first 3 ingredients in a bowl; stir well. Add pancake mix, and stir until smooth (batter will be slightly thick).

Step 2

Spoon about 1/4 cup batter onto a hot nonstick griddle or nonstick skillet coated with cooking spray. Turn pancakes when tops are covered with bubbles and edges look cooked.

Ratings & Reviews

Pincherry2's Review

February 10, 2014
A great recipe for a healthy pancake. I keep a double batch of the mix in the freezer and just pull out when needed. I usually chop up a banana and add to the batter to help get some more fruits into my toddler. I would recommend adding an extra half cup of milk to thin out the batter. I find that the pancakes can be a bit heavy with the recipe as written. And they are very filling. I can only eat 2. They are a nice, sturdy pancake for freezing and for a 15 month old to eat out of hand. Oh - and I've just used one whole egg with good results.

MyRecipesAndMe's Review

June 21, 2012
These multigrain pancakes are everything I love in a pancake. Delicious, filling, & healthy. They cook up quite nicely. I used olive oil instead of veggie oil, 1 egg instead of 2 egg whites, and in the mix I used oat bran instead of wheat bran, and milled flaxseed instead of wheat germ (since those were the grains I had on hand). I added choc chips to my son's pancakes, and he thought they were wonderful. Quite often I will add banana and walnuts to mine and skip the syrup. All in all, I'm never buying multigrain pancake mix again when this mix is so easy to make and store. I like controlling the ingredients myself, so that I can use organic as much as possible.

farerie83's Review

April 28, 2012
I added fruit and nuts to this! AMAZING!

utyjeml's Review

May 21, 2011

mjmayinsf's Review

May 21, 2010
Wonderfully light and fluffy. I substituted oat bran for wheat bran and quick polenta for cornmeal, because that's what I had on hand. Used 1/2 white flour and 1/2 ww pastry flour. Next time I will try with more like 1 3/4 c ww four and 3/4 c white. I also added a little extra buttermilk to thin the batter a little. Made 1/2 recipe for myself, hubby and toddler, with fresh berries, maple syrup and chix apple sausage. Great breakfast!

willinn8998's Review

October 21, 2009
Really enjoyed these! Healthy and yummy!