Lee Harrelson
Total Time
25 Mins
Serves 4 to 6

This Mexican-flavored dish, with its soft, chewy tortillas and meat, reminds me of enchiladas, but is much quicker to make. Once you've prepared this a time or two, you'll be able to put it together in 15 minutes flat. I serve it with taco chips for a little crunch, along with salsa and sour cream to make it easy for everyone to customize the heat of the dish to their own liking.

How to Make It

Step 1

Heat a large skillet over high heat until hot. Add ground beef, garlic, and taco seasoning. Cook until beef is browned, breaking it into small pieces with the side of a spoon and mixing everything together.

Step 2

While beef is browning, slice tortillas into 1-inch squares. A pizza cutter or scissors works well for this.

Step 3

Add tomatoes, salsa, and cut-up tortillas to skillet and cook for 5 minutes over medium heat. If it seems dry, you can add a little water. Once this is heated through, sprinkle cheese over top and cover for a few minutes. Once cheese is melted, it is ready to serve. Sprinkle with chopped green pepper (if using) for a little color, crunch, and a healthy dose of vitamin C.

Note: Don't ask me why, but very often the price of the tortillas sold in the Hispanic foods section of a supermarket is lower than that of the tortillas sold in the refrigerator case of the very same supermarket. Check it out at your store.

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Ratings & Reviews

Taco Chili

February 15, 2016
I didn't use the tortillas because I didn't want soggy tortillas in it. Also did not care for using the pureed tomatoes in it. This isn't bad really, just not what I was expecting. This is more like a taco chili. I added black beans, and crumbled fritos on top and sour cream garnish. Pretty good regardless of my expectations. 

Joyces48 Review

October 22, 2015
This was a easy hit for dinner with great leftovers.  I added a can of rinsed black beans and a can of drained corn. HEB stores in Texas have a MIXLA Tortillas ( that being a flour and corn mix delicious) I cut in into 1 inch pieces and baked @ 350 for 10 min. I added sour cream and fresh dab of guacamole to finish it off.

Lissame's Review

August 26, 2013
My husband absolutely loves this, and requests it often. To avoid the tortillas getting soggy, I cut mine into pieces and bake them on a cookie sheet for 7-8 minutes.... they're perfect in the dish. Also, we add a little white pepper and cumin for an added kick, and top it with plain greek yogurt or sour cream. Delicious!

psteven2010's Review

June 03, 2013

Missyannlang's Review

May 19, 2013

annakbrownlee's Review

May 06, 2013
Made this for the first time tonight and it was pretty good. I thought all the tortilla pieces was going to be way too much but it was perfect. I turned the stove off when I covered the dish and it was nice and hot when it was time to eat. Easy recipe that I will make again.

CookinPC's Review

January 15, 2012
Tasty and quick! I followed several reviewers suggestions: added a can of black beans and used corn tortillas. Instead of pureed canned tomatoes, I used seasoned tomato sauce (1/2 cup.) I added a bit more salsa. I plan to work this into my meal rotation as my husband loved it.

All4EatingHlthy's Review

January 03, 2012

simpsj4's Review

December 04, 2011
Very easy! I made this according to recipe and thought it was a great week night meal. I think next time I make it I might add black beans as someone suggested. This time I topped it with shredded lettuce because I had some on hand. Would make a great taco salad!

Shari0012's Review

June 07, 2011
I used just 4 tortillas and that was plenty. Added a dollop of sour cream. Other reviewers said the tortillas got soggy, but mine were just right. I drained canned tomatoes before pureeing them in the food processor so maybe that was the difference. My son asked for seconds, something he never does. Good, easy weeknight dinner.