Photo: Tina Evans; Styling: Connie Formby
6 servings (serving size: 1 piece chicken, 1/2 cup sauce, and 1 cup rice)

This Mexican chicken mole features chicken thighs and chicken breasts and it's so easy, you can make it in your microwave!  Serve over hot cooked rice and garnish with cilantro sprigs.

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine first 4 ingredients in a 2-quart casserole. Cover with heavy-duty plastic wrap, and vent. Microwave at HIGH 4 minutes or until tender. Add sugar and next 6 ingredients (sugar through chiles), and stir well. Arrange chicken over the tomato mixture, and sprinkle with 1/4 teaspoon salt. Cover and microwave at HIGH 8 minutes. Rearrange chicken, spooning the tomato mixture over the chicken; cover and microwave at HIGH 8 minutes or until chicken is done. Remove chicken from dish; set aside, and keep warm.

Step 2

Combine water and cornstarch, stirring until blended; add to tomato mixture. Microwave, uncovered, at HIGH 5 minutes, stirring after 2 1/2 minutes. Serve the chicken and tomato mixture over rice. Garnish with cilantro sprigs, if desired.

Chef's Notes

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Ratings & Reviews

Just ok

August 25, 2016
I made this in the crockpot like others reviewers had.  I used a combination of boneless, skinless breasts and thighs.  Only took a few hours on low heat to be fully cooked.  I shredded the meat and then let it soak up the sauce.  It worked well but I found the flavors to be dull, lacking.  If I made it again, which is doubtful, I'd add a little hotter chiles or some hot sauce to give it some kick.

kitchenwitchCO's Review

June 26, 2012
Per other reviewers I used my crook pot with a cup and a half of chicken stock, also followed JJ1916ohio suggestions for extra spices. Used 2 pounds of bone in chicken thighs, with the skins removed, what was on hand. It came out really good. Served it over pieces of corn bread, didn't want to heat up the kitchen cooking rice. With cold slaw as the side. (4 C chopped cabbage, 1/4 C vinegar, 1 T sugar, 2 T olive oil, 1/2 t galic salt, 1/4 t fresh ground black pepper, and 1/2 t ground cumin.) The family remarked how good it was. I have tried other mole recipes without much success. This one is a keeper, will be making it again.

queenpolyanna's Review

May 04, 2012
The entire family enjoyed this dish. A great change from taco's. I followed the recipe except that I used petite diced tomatoes and cooked the meal on the stove top. The chicken was so tender and tasty.

ProudMomma2's Review

October 16, 2011
This is a good recipe. I used chicken breasts and frozen chopped onions and bell peppers because I had those on hand. I cooked it per the microwave directions, for two reasons: I was short on time and I was curious to learn how the recipe would turn out. The chicken cooked moist and tender! I was really pleased and my family enjoyed it, too. I will definitely make this again!

mrscrazyed's Review

September 19, 2011
This one almost didn't make it from the stove to the table. After sauteing the chicken I sweated the onion and garlic, then added the rest of the cooking ingredients. After bringing to a simmer, I tasted the concoction in the pan -- oh, dear; the flavors were awful. Had DH taste it; he has a much finer palate than I. He suggested adding the cilantro right away and going for it, it might improve with further cooking. Boy, am I glad I did. I put the chicken in the pan, covered it and baked it for about an hour and a half. Wow! What a difference from the original tasting. Even after cooking that long, the chicken was still moist. This dish did come out incredible. And the leftovers were even better.

hesto1's Review

November 04, 2010
I was a little disappointed with this recipe. It's okay, but it's missing spice. With a little work it could be pretty good. (I prepared this recipe exactly as instructed except I cooked it on the stove.)

JJ1916ohio's Review

September 28, 2010
Pretty good. I also used my crock pot. I used chicken breasts and browned on both sides before putting it in the crock. I then combined all of the listed ingredients (minus cornstarch and water) in a separate bowl. I also added 3 chopped chipotle chilies in adobo sauce, 1/2 tsp cinnamon, 1/2 tsp of mexican oregano, a dash of allspice and a dash of cloves to make it a bit more authentic. I let it cook for 2 hours on high then another 3 on slow. It was perfect and got gobbled up. Since my chicken was falling apart I ended up just shredding the meat and putting it back in the crock to soak up the sauce. I served over rice but could see how this would also be good wrapped in a tortilla.

Sachs1's Review

September 13, 2010
I also modified this recipe for slow cooking in a large cast iron dutch oven with outstanding results. I doubled the recipe to have more sauce and leftovers. I sauted the chicken breasts for 4 minutes on each side, until lightly browned on the outside, and removed chicken from heat. Then cooked the veggies until tender. I added the remaining ingredients and brought back up to simmer. Then I added the chicken breasts and enough chicken broth to ensure that the chicken was covered and wouldn't dry out while cooking (about 1-2 cups). Put in the oven for 1 hour 30 minutes at 300 degrees, or just hot enough for a low simmer. When it was done the chicken was tender enough to fall apart when stirred with a wooden spoon. The chocolate adds a subtle flavor that my husband didn't even recognize as cocoa until I told him. When I make this again, I may add some chunk bacon cut into small pieces to add a smokey, salty flavor in addition to the sweet and spicey.

HollyDollister's Review

February 01, 2010
Small disclaimer I used the ingredients listed but instead of microwaving everything (yuck!) I dumped all of it in my slow cooker (minus the cornstarch and rice). I also only used white meat chicken because its what I had in the freezer. I put in on low and let it simmer all day while I was at work which was about 10 hours. It was so delicious. I cooked the rice once I got home and served it under the chicken. I didn't feel it needed the cornstarch-which I hate using anyway. I used the leftovers later in the week for nachos and breakfast burritos. It would also be great as a taco filling. I'd even serve this for company. Its that good.