Transform pasta night from plain to perfect with this from-scratch ravioli recipe. Don't cheat on the sauce; it's worth every second of prep.Learn more about MetroCooking DC 2016!


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4 to 5 dozen of ravioli


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  • Cut the butternut squash by half, remove the seed, place the squash in a roasting pan skin down, add 1 cup of water in the pan to prevent burning. Season the squash with salt and pepper, olive oil, thyme and rosemary. Bake the squash uncovered in an oven pre heated to 400°F and cook until tender (if the squash starts to get some color cover with an aluminum film).

  • After been cooked, remove the pulp of the squash, pass the pulp to a food mill and place the purée in cheesecloth to drain some of the liquid. Reserve the liquid. In a large mixing bowl, combine the squash purée, ricotta, brown butter, salt and pepper to taste and mix well. If the filling is to dry add little bit of the squash liquid.

  • In a large bowl, mix the flour with the eggs and olive oil and salt until form a dough. Wrap in plastic film and reserve outside for at least 30 minutes of rest.

  • Roll one portion of the dough into 3-inch wide strips. Trim your rolled-out pasta using a pastry wheel for ruffled edges or a sharp knife. Brush the dough strips lightly with beaten egg. Fill the ravioli by dropping the filling at 1-inch intervals along one of the strips. Cover the ravioli filling with another strip of dough. Press down firmly on the top strip of dough to seal the edges around the filling. Cut each ravioli from the strip using the pastry wheel (or sharp knife). Raviolis can either be wrapped tightly and frozen, or boiled in salted water for 3 to 4 minutes, until tender. Toss boiled ravioli with cabbage sauce immediately after cooking.

  • Cut the savoy cabbage into fine slices; cook them in salted boiling water for two minutes. In a deep pan burn the wood chips with a torch and place the cabbage above the smoke in a perforated pan. In a medium sauce pan, melt the butter and sweat the blanched cabbage for about three minutes than add the half and half and cook until tender. Blend the cabbage with the liquid in a blender until smooth texture.