Photo: Alison Miksch; Food Styling: Cat Steele; Prop Styling: Lindsey Lower
Makes 4 to 6 servings (about 5 1/2 cups)

These are like mashed potatoes, but celery root adds an earthy flavor. And just like mashed potatoes, this recipe invites variations. Throw in fresh herbs, such as minced chives or rosemary, use a good olive oil in place of the butter, or substitute buttermilk or sour cream for milk. You can also add a handful of green peas for color. I happen to like potatoes lumpy, but if you like them very smooth, use a ricer or food mill. Prep: 10 minutes, Cook: 40 minutes.

How to Make It

Combine celery root and potato in a large saucepan; add water to cover, and bring to a boil over medium heat. Reduce heat, and simmer about 30 minutes or until tender. Drain vegetables, and return to pan. Add half-and-half and next 3 ingredients; mash to desired consistency. Stir in parsley. Serve warm.

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