Use at least 4 types of fish for the best flavor and texture.

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2 hrs 15 mins
2 hrs 15 mins


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  • Slice fennel bulb thinly and lay on a platter along with its stalks and fronds. Lay fish on top in a single layer and sprinkle with remaining ingredients. Turn several times to coat. Let stand at room temperature, lightly covered, 2 hours (chill if longer than 2 hours, and use within 4 hours).

  • Make fish stock, rouille, and toasts while fish marinates.

  • *For more on these fish, including their other names, see "Buying Guide" (below).

  • Buying Guide

  • When choosing your seafood, try to vary the textures and flavors. Some should be firm, others soft; some mild, others briny. Find them at a good seafood shop or your farmers' market.

  • Alaskan snow crab legs: Very firm, lobsterlike texture; sweet and mild. Usually only available cooked.

  • California mussels: Briny flavor; soft, melting texture with a bit of chew.

  • California squid (calamari): Firm but tender; sweet yet meaty. It's neither fish nor shellfish, really, but it gives great texture and flavor to the soup.

  • Dungeness crab: Flaky; sweet and moist.

  • Pacific cod (true cod, gray cod): Delicate; mild flavor.

  • Pacific halibut: Firm, with mild flavor.

  • Petrale sole: Delicate texture; mild, sweet flavor.

  • Rockfish (black bass, sea bass, black snapper): Medium-firm; clean sea flavor.

  • Sablefish (black cod): Silky, medium-firm; rich, buttery flavor.

  • Spiny lobsters: Succulent and firm. Can use, cooked, instead of crab. Available from fall to spring.

  • Spot prawns: Incredibly sweet taste and tender-crisp; keep head and tail on for the most flavor. Can be hard to find.