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True love is hard to come by. But when someone’s heart belongs to breakfast, true love might actually be in your own kitchen. We all know there’s nothing more swoon-worthy than a homemade meal. Just ask anyone that you have ever cooked for. Even science has proven that breakfast tastes better when you make it yourself. It also explains why breakfast in bed is the hottest thing since, well, breakfast. But when you’re trying to impress someone, don’t settle for the average meal. Take it up a notch by making a super cool avocado rose. Guacamole ain’t got nothing on this.

The secret to pulling this off is in the avocado’s firmness. Use an avocado that is perfectly ripe and firm. Work slowly, despite your excitement (and hunger).

While you’re at it, try your hand at apple rose tarts and breakfast roll flowers. Serve everything on a bed of scrambled eggs, pancakes, or all of the above. The outcome will be the tastiest bouquet you’ve ever seen. It’s also the perfect reason to play with your food. (Sorry Mom.) After all, long gone are the days of generic chocolates and pink teddy bears. Who has time for boring gifts, anyway?

Avocado Rose

How to Make It

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