Toaster pastries are a great last-minute breakfast when you're rushing out the door and need to eat something on-the-go, so it makes sense that a toaster pastry is also a great quick Halloween costume. This costume doesn't require any major crafting skills, and you make it in about 30 minutes. That's definitely more time than it takes to heat up a toaster pastry in the toaster, but it's still one of the easiest DIY costumes to make in a pinch. Plus, this DIY toaster pastry costume will let everyone know how much you love breakfast. (And have we mentioned that it's super cute, too?)For our last-minute toaster pastry costume, we went with strawberry pink frosting, but really, you could go with any color—or flavor—of frosting, based on what paint you might have lying around. Purple and blue paint could be a great wildberry toaster pastry, while brown could be s'mores or double chocolate. You could even use plain old white paint, and go crazy with the sprinkles and glitter.No matter what color combination you decide to go with, the technique is the same—and very straightforward. You can't really go wrong with this toaster pastry costume, especially if you're stuck on what to wear this Halloween.DIY Toaster Pastry Costume

Maxine Builder
Maxine Builder
Recipe by Extra Crispy


Credit: Photo by Alex Tepper


Ingredient Checklist


Instructions Checklist
  • Take a piece of tan foam core, and paint a pink rectangle in the center to mimic frosting. It's OK if the edges aren't straight. Really, you don't want them to be.

  • Dab brown paint along the edges of the foam board to mimic toasted edges.

  • While pink paint is drying, liberally sprinkle pink glitter onto the board.

  • Once pink paint is at least partially dried, spray the section that has been painted pink with adhesive. Toss on rainbow sprinkles until satisfied with the distribution.

  • Repeat all steps on the second piece of foam core.

  • Once the paint is fully dried, carefully poke two holes into the top of each piece of foam core with the scissors. Make sure they're relatively close together so the strings don't fall off your shoulders. Pull the yarn through the holes to attach the two pieces of foam core together and make a sandwich board.

  • Wear proudly to your Halloween party—but stay away from toasters.