Photo: Quentin Bacon
Prep and Cook
about 45 minutes
Makes about 28 cookies

Every dessert tastes better when it's rolled in powdered sugar, and this easy cookie recipe is no exception. Peek in your pantry to find all the ingredients you'll need.

How to Make It

Step 1

In a large bowl, with an electric mixer on medium speed, beat butter, 1/2 cup powdered sugar, and the vanilla until smooth.

Step 2

In a medium bowl, mix flour and baking powder. Add to butter mixture and beat on low speed to mix, then on medium speed until well blended. Stir in pecans.

Step 3

Shape dough into 1-inch balls and place about 1 inch apart on buttered or cooking parchment-lined 12- by 15-inch baking sheets.

Step 4

Bake in a 300° regular or convection oven until cookies are pale golden brown, about 25 minutes; if baking more than one pan at a time, switch pan positions halfway through baking. Let cookies stand on sheets until cool enough to handle.

Step 5

Place remaining 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar in a shallow bowl. Gently turn warm cookies, a few at a time, in powdered sugar to coat. Set cookies on racks to cool completely.

Chef's Notes

You can store these cookies airtight for up to 3 days.

Ratings & Reviews

Red65Rain's Review

November 04, 2012
These are definitely called Mexican Wedding Cookies and are usually shaped into crescents. I've used crushed almonds, pecans or walnuts, depending on what I have. IMO, the almonds add more taste! Re the baking powder...I grew sick of throwing away supermarket baking powder as it goes bad so quickly. Finally bought online Bakewell baking powder and now I won't be without it. It's non-aluminum and it STAYS fresh! Cooks in the northeast have been using it for decades and I see why!

dtd4142's Review

November 29, 2013
Those of you who criticize reviewers for adding or changing ingredients - just get over it. I love to read how others modify the recipes. It's why I go to this site.

Rikked's Review

December 03, 2012
I made 28 balls and still have about 1/3 of dough left. I put it in fridge for another batch tomorrow. After shaping balls, I refrigerated while oven heated up. They're so good and light tasting. I put some in muffin paper cups and gave away as gifts. Will def make again.

juliannne's Review

December 01, 2012
Who cares what they are called??? Why are there so many negative people in this world.. it's a good recipe, they taste great and in different parts of the country AND world they have different names.. lighten up people!

gloria5846's Review

November 05, 2012
I have made these for years. My Mother made them every Christmas ,so do I.

jweiss9479's Review

November 04, 2012

betherino1824's Review

November 04, 2012
We have made these delightful cookies for years...calling them both Mexican Wedding Cakes and Russian Tea Cakes...but whatever you want to name them is fine...just make them and enjoy!!

Starstruck64's Review

November 04, 2012
I've been making these for years as my mother did and her mother did. We have made them with every type of nut and into crescent shapes and balls. I call them Snowballs. My fave is with pecans shaped into balls. Call them whatever you want. Obviously they are well loved and special to each person who has posted here, no matter what they are called. BTW, I shape mine into balls and refrigerate a little bit before baking so that they don't flatten. Easier than chilling dough and then trying to make little balls with a firm dough. CAN'T WAIT TO START THE HOLIDAY BAKING!!!

jackie2830's Review

November 04, 2012
Have been making these for over 40 years...........BTW, they're actually called Mexican Wedding Cakes.....just because they have pecans in them, doesn't mean they're a Louisiana recipe, we use pecans up North [New York] as well. Double the recipe, since they're like the first to LOVE them!

annmo59's Review

November 04, 2012