Photo: Howard Lee Puckett; Styling: Missie Neville Crawford
Total Time
26 Mins
Makes 6 servings

How to Make It

Step 1

Prepare linguine according to package directions.

Step 2

Drain tomatoes, reserving 2 Tbsp. oil. Cut tomatoes into thin strips.

Step 3

Heat pine nuts in a large nonstick skillet over medium-low heat, stirring often, 5 minutes or until toasted and fragrant. Remove nuts from skillet.

Step 4

Increase heat to medium, and sauté garlic in 2 Tbsp. reserved oil and olive oil in skillet 1 minute or until garlic is fragrant. Stir in tomatoes, and remove from heat.

Step 5

Toss together tomato mixture, hot cooked pasta, feta cheese, and basil in a large bowl. Sprinkle with toasted pine nuts.

Step 6

Try This Twist!

Step 7

Linguine With Tuna and Sun-Dried Tomatoes: Prepare recipe as directed. Stir in 2 (6-oz.) aluminum foil pouches solid white tuna chunks, drained, and 1 (3-oz.) can sliced black olives, drained.

Ratings & Reviews

BrittanyMeinke's Review

January 02, 2014

aubiechic's Review

April 03, 2010
I would not remake this; it was too similar to a simple pasta-roni and lacked the flavor I had anticipated. It was good but not worth remaking again.

NikSoo's Review

January 02, 2014

ansleycfoster's Review

May 15, 2011
YUM! I added chicken breast marinated in a tablespoon of the olive oil from the tomatoes & white wine. I also used whole grain thin spaghetti instead of linguine.

Scline527's Review

May 22, 2010
This is a wonderful dish, fast to whip up, and the taste as though you had spent lots of time to prepare. I will serve this dish often.

PNO4TE's Review

February 06, 2010
This was quick to fix and absolutely delicious! You can keep all the ingredients on hand easily and whip it up even in the midst of a snowstorm! We did add the tuna and liked it. We think it would be good with pancetta too.

bigalotbunches's Review

February 13, 2010
We loved this recipe! It's a little expensive to make. It cost between $15-$20, but it tastes like dishes I've had in Italian restaurants for $12/plate. And it was very quick to make for weeknight meals. I added sliced grilled chicken for extra heartiness. (My teenage boys like meat!)

adicus's Review

March 02, 2010
Delicious and very easy. I substituted angel hair (b/c it's my favorite), added the tuna, and omitted the olives. Yum!