Prep Time
15 Mins
Makes about 3 cups pimiento cheese (serving size: 4-inch piece of celery with 1 tablespoon pimiento cheese)

This pimiento cheese recipe is not only super easy, but it's a little easier on the waistline, thanks to light mayonnaise and reduced-fat Cheddar cheese.


How to Make It

Step 1

Stir together light mayonnaise and next 4 ingredients in a medium bowl. Stir in cheese.

Step 2

Spread 1 tablespoon cheese mixture into each celery rib. Garnish, if desired.

Step 3

Note: Store remaining pimiento cheese mixture in an airtight container in refrigerator up to 1 week.

Chef's Notes

Don't be tempted to use preshredded cheese. It takes a few more minutes to shred your own, but you'll be much more pleased with the creamy texture.

Ratings & Reviews

Yummy but too much cheese

January 08, 2016
This recipe was tasty but I though that it had too much cheese. Made it very thick instead of creamy. I will make it again but will use less cheese.

SheWhoMustMac09's Review

January 06, 2013
One of my go-to recipes for gatherings with friends.

Kittysphincter's Review

February 23, 2012
I found this recipe disgusting. Then again I hate anything that uses mayonnaise as its base ingredient, so that's my own fault. I'm giving two stars because I bet this would be delicious if you substituted the mayo with sour cream or plain yogurt. Unfortunately I had neither at the time. :/

charoulli's Review

July 16, 2011
Ok so.. I ran into some trouble with the celery stalks, so I chopped the celery and added it to the mix, and made stuffed bell peppers (yellow, red and orange). It was really good but a bit heavy. We couldn't eat more than one. If I make again, I'm using a less intense cheese.

britchick's Review

January 10, 2011

LutzCat's Review

February 15, 2010
I used the fine shredding disk on the food processor for the cheese, which made this recipe so easy. I halved the ingredients, and everything came out fine. The only change I made was using a combination of light Miracle Whip and light Helman's mayonnaise. This spread has just enough sweetness to make it work, but don't leave out the grated onion, as it's important to the flavor. I plan to use this for a cracker spread and try topping a grilled burger with it, as well. Definitely will make this again and wouldn't hesitate to serve to company.

Erin2001's Review

September 04, 2009
This is an awesome pimiento cheese recipe! I usually just make up my own, but came across this while looking for tailgating recipes. I usually don't use grated onion in my pimiento cheese, but definitely don't leave it out. The grated onion really adds to the yummy flavors. If you like pimiento cheese, then try this recipe - you won't be disappointed!