Photo: Jennifer Davicks; Styling: Melanie J. Clarke
Total Time
9 Hours 35 Mins
Makes 8 servings (serving size: 1 bar)

Use fresh orange juice and zest instead of lemon for a different flavor profile.

How to Make It

Step 1

Preheat oven to 350°. Prepare Crust: Beat first 4 ingredients at medium speed with an electric mixer until smooth. Add 1 cup flour, beating at low speed until well blended. Press mixture on bottom of an 8-inch square pan coated with cooking spray.

Step 2

Bake at 350° for 20 minutes.

Step 3

Meanwhile, prepare Filling: Process cottage cheese in a food processor 1 minute or until smooth, stopping to scrape down sides as needed. Add granulated sugar and next 6 ingredients, and process 30 seconds or until well blended. Pour filling over prepared crust.

Step 4

Bake at 350° for 25 minutes or until set. (Edges will be lightly browned.) Cool 30 minutes. Cover and chill 8 hours. Cut into bars. Garnish, if desired.

Step 5

Try This Twist!

Step 6

Reduced-Sugar Lemon-Cheesecake Bars: Substitute brown sugar sweetener for brown sugar and granular sweetener for granulated sugar.

Step 7

Note: We tested with Whey Low 100% All Natural Gold Brown Sugar Sweetener and Granular Sweetener.

Step 8

Per bar: Calories 172; Fat 9g (sat 2g, mono 2g, poly 5g); Protein 2g; Carb 8g; Fiber 5g; Chol 1mg; Iron 1mg; Sodium 259mg; Calc 70mg

Ratings & Reviews

netzi85's Review

June 02, 2013
I am going to try to convert this recipe to SF/Low-carb as much as possible so will advise of my success. I do have additional input though. One of the highlights of my success with online recipes arecomments are fantastic ways to see how others have tried & succeeded (or not) on the original variation AND how they improvised. However, reading some of these comments REALLY bothered me, so here is my $0.02, as it were. I have been on the MyRecipe newsletter/email list from near the start and I confirm that when recipes are initially posted, they do not always include complete info (i.e # of servings). Additionally, they include links with attention grabbing titles. I can tell you that those links are not always accurately represented ("Lite', low cal, low carb) but to a hefty recipe. Snarky comments do no one any favors. Further, look at the time/date stamp from when the comment was posted. Sites update & correct all of the time. sdgolden &massleelee, consider it a teaching moment

October 26, 2015

MChartrand's Review

June 02, 2013
You are absolutely correct, LJacoby. There would never be any Snickers bars left over from Halloween -- they would be gone immediately. This is a wonderful desert -- one of my wife's favorites. Next time I will add a bit more chopped peanuts. The carmel sauce really adds to the flavor. I am thinking I might try a cookie for the crust that isn't quite so intense. Maybe a lighter chocolate flavor (rather than the strong dark chocolate that Oreos have).

sdgolden's Review

June 02, 2013
Obviously Cavanvva cannot comprehend a recipe and should not rate a recipe based on this fact. This recipe serves 8 nice size bars, is easy to put together and the lemon flavor is fabulous. I highly recommend this recipe and thank you so much for posting.

dhanby's Review

March 30, 2013

massleelee's Review

May 24, 2012
um don't mean to be a b@#tch, but cavanvva please learn math. it says the recipes makes 8 servings and a serving is one bar. If you left your star rating based on the fact that you can't do simple math and you screw up the rating system it's very annoying to the rest of us. Therefore I'm going to give it 4 stars in an attempt to counter your 2 star rating. Also, where does it say this is a "light" recipe? This recipe is from Southern Living Magazine which is not a light cooking magazine. A little reading comprehension goes really far. Our American education system at work- ugh.

PatsyFowler's Review

May 12, 2012
I love lemon bars these are really good

lesliepinchin's Review

May 11, 2012
I thought this was really good. The recipe says it makes 8 servings so the nutritional info is based on that. I tried the sugar substitute version for fewer calories. Nice and super easy!

auntiepatch's Review

May 11, 2012
If you really like the taste of lemon, this is the recipe for you. So good and very easy.

cavanvva's Review

December 13, 2011
These are supposed to be "light" desserts, but they either don't give any nutritional info at all, or give useless nutritional information. This recipe says that one bar has 172 calories and 8.9 grams of fat, but it doesn't how many bars to cut it into. The nutrutional information on the left sidebar says that each serving has 289 calories and the same 8.9 grams of fat (?????) but no serving size or number of servings in the recipe!