Makes 12 cupcakes

How to Make It

Step 1

Place 12 foil baking cups into muffin pans; sprinkle crushed cookies evenly into cups. Spoon 2 teaspoons fruit filling over cookies in each cup, reserving remaining fruit filling for another use.

Step 2

Fold condensed milk and lemonade concentrate into whipped topping; spoon over fruit filling in prepared baking cups. Freeze 8 hours or until firm. Top with candies and sprinkles just before serving.

Step 3

NOTE: For testing purposes only, we used Keebler Lemon Cooler cookies.

Ratings & Reviews

emloumar's Review

July 23, 2012
I was not impressed with these. When frozen the blueberry filling was too hard. When thawed the topping was a little too messy. I also thought the topping was a little too tart. This recipe also made more than twelve cupcakes, probably about 18 if you don't want to waste food. All this being said, I didn't think these were totally inedible- they just need some work. I think if I were to try this again, which I probably won't, I might try half whipped topping, half lemon yogurt instead of the recipe topping. Or I might only use half a container of lemonade concentrate to cut back on tartness. In addition, I might try mixing the blueberry pie filling with some whipped cream or cookie mixture so that it doesn't become so solid when frozen.

MedfordMary's Review

July 13, 2010
So far so good!!! I was kind of hesitant to try this recipe at first but decided to go ahead and give it a try. First of all, it was super easy to make. I used "Mother's" brand lemon cookies cause I could not find the "Keebler" brand. The frosting was the best part. Superb flavor and the lemon tastes very refreshing. You can also use this frosting on other cakes, it's very light and fluffy, defiantly a crowd pleaser!! And they are very pretty to! :)