4 servings (serving size: 2 chicken thighs)

Zesty ingredients impart bold flavor to a classic baked chicken recipe. Serve with Spanish rice.

How to Make It

Directions: Preheat oven to 400°. Combine lime juice, soy sauce, 2 tablespoons honey, and chipotle in a large bowl. Add chicken, and toss well to coat. Let stand for 10 minutes at room temperature. Arrange the chicken on a broiler pan coated with cooking spray, reserving marinade. Bake at 400° for 15 minutes. Place reserved marinade in a blender, and process until smooth. Place pureed marinade in a small saucepan. Bring to a boil, and cook 3 minutes. Brush chicken with half of cooked sauce; return to oven and bake an additional for 10 minutes. Brush chicken with remaining sauce; bake an additional 10 minutes or until a thermometer registers 165°.

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Ratings & Reviews

larossdfw's Review

December 21, 2013

kicooke's Review

June 12, 2012
The flavor was outstanding. Next time I will thicken the sauce with a little corn starch. It was a little runny and my chicken did not glaze like shown in the picture. It still had nice flavor but I love a thick glaze on boneless skinless chicken thighs.

jjjamstou2's Review

May 29, 2012
Just made this for dinner, and my husband really loved it. We had a whole chicken (in pieces), so we used that, and made it on the grill to keep from heating up the house. I liked the flavor, but would like to increase it a bit, so next time i will probably marinate longer, and try the baking method. I never like dark meat, but my husband convinced me to try a bite of the thigh. SO much better than the breast. Much more flavorful, and because it was a thinner piece of meat, the flavors penetrated more. Will definitely try again!

pogomiss's Review

January 16, 2012
I used skinless boneless chicken breasts. I pounded them a bit so they would cook more evenly. I baked 10 minutes then basted every 5 until done. The sauce is very good. This is a very solid weeknight or Sat lunch recipe.I'm sure it would be even better on dark meat or perhaps even pork. It's nice and spicy but not overwhelming.

JuliaGulia529's Review

August 14, 2011
Very good. I make a large batch of the sauce and keep it frozen for a quick sauce on a busy night.

LarryE56's Review

June 02, 2011
Very tasty, simple & quick to make. Will make a little more marinade next time, though. To save even more time I did not puree & boil the remaining marinade, just basted chicken several times.

shortcook's Review

August 25, 2010
This was delicious. Very flavorful. I tried it exactly as written and we loved it, but I think next time I will either do boneless skinless chicken thighs or chicken breast. I am not a big fan of eating around bones. Will definitely make again. Love the simplicity and the flavor. Served it with Spanish rice. So, so good. Having leftovers for lunch today.

EllenDeller's Review

August 19, 2010
Marinated the chicken in the refrigerator for one hour, otherwise made no changes. This is really delicious! Served with the orzo-corn-basil-tomato salad. We ate every bite and wished there were more.

kateh1's Review

August 16, 2010
Fantastic! This was quite a spicy surprise from Cooking Light; CL's 'spicy' recipes are usually so bland. We will be making this again many many times. (PS - it was fast, too)

Saecca's Review

August 01, 2010
Very easy meal! I used boneless chicken breasts instead and would only use 1 tablespoon of chipotle. It was a bit too intense for us. I served it with yellow rice with sliced scallions and a dollop of sour cream.