Makes 1 (9-inch) pie

How to Make It

Step 1

Combine first 3 ingredients. Press into a 9-inch pieplate.

Step 2

Bake piecrust at 350° for 10 minutes or until lightly browned; cool.

Step 3

Stir together sweetened condensed milk and lime juice until blended. Pour into prepared crust. Set aside.

Step 4

Beat egg whites and cream of tartar at high speed with an electric mixer just until foamy.

Step 5

Add granulated sugar gradually, 1 tablespoon at a time, beating until soft peaks form and sugar dissolves (2 to 4 minutes).

Step 6

Spread meringue over filling.

Step 7

Bake at 325° for 25 to 28 minutes. Chill 8 hours.

Step 8

*Bottled Key lime juice may be substituted for fresh juice.

The Coastal Living Cookbook

Ratings & Reviews

Winslow26's Review

November 17, 2013

To make it a little more special...

September 13, 2015
I was in a contest using this recipe, and I used graham honey bears (or whatever they are called) for the crust. I won. Just saying.

Amber14's Review

June 27, 2011
In my recipe I include an 8 oz. package (softened) with the condensed milk. Makes it soooo creamy!